When Should I Propose To My Girlfriend Quiz

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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 383 | Updated: Feb 24, 2022
When Should I Propose to My Girlfriend Quiz
Obviously, when you feel it is right. You may not believe it, but most people are scared to pop the question. Forget all the physical preparation and mental readiness; a rejection can slump your confidence. Besides, your partner might not be ready to board the commitment train with you. Relationships are built on communication and connection. If you have one and not the other, it is terrible. You must strive for both. We hope this quiz will enable you to pop the question to your girlfriend sooner than later. If you love your significant other and want to know when you should propose to your girlfriend, take our quiz now to find out.

Questions Excerpt

1. You can’t stand some of their friends. What do you do?

A. I don’t really care. It is my place, after all

B. I try not to invite my friends to our home

C. I tell them off and save my relationship

D. Learn to spend more time with one another

2. How long have you known her?

A. More than 10 years

B. More than 5 years

C. Two to five years

D. Just under a year

3. Are you the “we” or “I” couple?

A. We

B. 1

C. Depends

D. Both

4. What is the best way to spend a long weekend?

A. With my partner at home

B. With my buddies at a club

C. Special date night for my lover

D. I will invite our families to come and  spend it at home with us

5. How do you emotionally feel in their presence?

A. Okay, we are still getting to know each other

B. Okay, we know and understand each other

C. We have been through ups and downs and feel easy with each other

D. Easy and excited

6. Who is in charge of the finances?

A. We have not talked about that yet

B. We are both in control of our finances

C. We know what each other want but independent

D. We have and think we should get a joint account after marriage

7. Have you discussed children?

A. We have not talked about it, and I really do not know

B. One of us wants kids, but the other is skeptical

C. Yes, we want different numbers, but we can compromise

D. Yes, we love kids and cannot wait

8. How would you describe your sex life?

A. It’s great but could be better

B. Our sex drive and timing differs

C. We are not on the same page, but we work it out

D. It is beautiful, and I always look forward to such intimate moments

9. Have you discussed marriage previously?

A. I am scared they would leave me

B. Only in conversations about other people

C. We both love to settle down, but we still have not settled for when

D. Yes, and we both want it.

10. Do you think they are right for you?

A. I think so. I am tired of dating

B. Haven’t felt like this in a long time

C. Well, I am hoping they are

D. Yes, absolutely

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