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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 63 | Updated: Feb 24, 2022
Should I Propose to My Boyfriend Quiz
Life is a journey, and it can be viewed in two ways: as a means to an end. Means serve as stepping stones to ends. Roads can be equated to means, and they are the mediums or channels through which we get to our destinations. rnOur destinations are our ends or outcomes, so we are always hoping that our roads will ultimately transport us to our ends. Relationships are one of these means in life, and marriage is the accompanying outcome. However, it appears that the means are now becoming the ends in and of themselves. rnBoyfriends are postponing proposing to their partners to the point where some women consider seizing the bull by the horns and proposing to their boyfriends. Do you ever have the desire to propose to your boyfriend? Come on in, and let's see if you should propose to your boyfriend by taking this quiz.

Questions Excerpt

1. When do you think is the right time for your partner to propose?

A. Any moment from now

B. About a year

C. A few years time

2. What will you do if your partner doesn't accept your proposal?

A. take it easy and speak to my partner

B. Will overlook it

C. Will feel hurt

3. How do you feel when you think about proposing to your boyfriend?

A. Excited

B. Nervous

C. Afraid

4. What will you do  if your friends disagree with your idea of proposing to your boyfriend?

A. Explain to them why you're thinking of doing so

B. Do nothing

C. Tell them you don't care what they think-P3

5. How is your level of communication in your relationship?

A. Very good

B. Good

C. Not good

6. What is the first action you will take when you feel it's time to get married?

A. Communicate to your boyfriend about how you're feeling

B. Speak to a third party to speak to your boyfriend

C. Leave things hanging

7. What will you do if your boyfriend says he isn't ready for marriage?

A. Wait for him

B. Talk about with him

C. Complain and grumble

8. What type of proposal do you want?

A. It doesn't matter

B. A private proposal

C. A family proposal

9. Which sort of wedding would you prefer should your boyfriend agree to your proposal?

A. Wherever we decide on

B. Whatever matches our budget

C. Whatever suits my taste

10. How soon do you want to get married after your proposal is accepted?

A. Immediately afterwards

B. A few months after

C. After a year

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