What Kind Of A Partner Are You Quiz?

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 What Kind Of A Partner Are You Quiz?

Are you insecure and needy? Are you high maintenance and a taker? Or are you selfish and play games in a relationship? Ready to find out what kind of a partner you really are? Many of us like to think that we are a great catch, an excellent partner, the kind of person everyone would want to be with. Unfortunately, most of us have no idea how we are in relationships. Take the test and find out the truth. Good luck!

Questions Excerpt

1. If as a couple you need to move to another house, what are the key factors for you?

A. It has to be right for me, the right neighborhood, the right part of town and close to my job.

B. It must be close to our jobs but spacious enough with a Starbucks nearby.

C. It must fit our needs, be a fair distance from each of our jobs and in an area we both like.

2. You’ve won $500! What will you do with it?

A. We need to spend it! I need clothes!

B. We need to save/ invest it for the future.

C. We need to save some while some goes in planning the next holiday!

3. It's 8 p.m. there is a show on TV that you have been wanting to see, your partner also wants to watch a show at the same time on another channel. What happens?

A. We watch my show, end of story. After all, my partner loves me, right?

B. I'll let my partner watch the show as my love is bigger than anything else.

C. We watch their show but the next time I get to watch what I want.

4. You are making dinner;  you know your partner loves onions on everything, but you hate them!  What do you do?

A. I make the dinner without onions. I am cooking, I will make it my way.

B. I'll cook separately for the two of us.

C. I make the dinner with onions, I can pick them out

5. Your partner is invited to a work gathering. The activity is not something you enjoy but they did invite you.....

A. No thanks, my partner can go as they will enjoy it, I will find something else to do.

B. Obviously neither of us will be going!

C. I will go because I don't want my partner to go without me

6. We are at a party and someone is blatantly flirting with my partner.

A. I'll make my presence known but I really won't mind and enjoy the party.

B. I make my presence known and insist that we leave immediately.

C. I make my presence known and don't leave my partner's side for the remainder of the party.

7. My partner is meeting an old friend of mine for the first time, he/she is very attractive, I feel.....

A. Concerned, maybe my partner will find my friend more attractive than me

B. A bit tensed but deep down I know I can trust my partner.

C. Not worried, my partner and I trust each other no matter what my friend looks like. What we have is unshakeable.

8. We are meeting people for dinner and my partner is running late....

A. It's okay, I am sometimes late for things too

B. I continue to rush my partner along, being late is unacceptable.

C. I know my partner is always late. I handle it all the time.

9. We are in an argument, I am proven right and my partner is proven wrong. What happens?

A. Of course I was right, I always am!

B. I may have been right, but as long as the argument is over it doesn't matter.

C. I was right, but my partner doesn't need to know that. I just don't like to argue.

10. In a social situation my partner says something that completely embarrasses me, I know my partner didn't mean anything by it, but I feel humiliated anyway.

A. My partner needs to THINK before speaking!

B. My partner says they didn't mean anything by it, but I am very upset.

C. I know my partner didn't mean to embarrass me, so I just laugh it off and move on.

11. How kind are you as a person, on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the most and 1 being the least?

A. 4-7

B. 1-3

C. 7-10

12. How do you respond to confrontations in a relationship?

A. I tend to get defensive

B. If I mess up doesn’t mean my partner doesn’t. I highlight their faults

C. I act patiently

13. Your partner spends a lot of time away from you, how do you react?

A. I don’t work for me. I make the rules

B. I go wherever my partner goes

C. I have a serious discussion with them

14. When your partner leaves their social media handle open, what do you do?

A. I check their DMs and updates instantly

B. I do nothing

C. I post nice pictures of us from their profile

15. Your partner forgets a special day, say your birthday or a Valentine’s Day, what’s your reaction?

A. Stop talking to them

B. I wonder what made them forget the day

C. Tell them to make it up soon

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