The Ultimate "Am I Having an Emotional Affair" Quiz

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 3606
The Ultimate u201cAm I Having an Emotional Affairu201d Quiz
Just enjoying the company of another person doesn’t count as cheating, right? What if you feel attraction for him or her? Answer the following questions to find out if you’re having an emotional affair.

Questions Excerpt

1. What do you feel when the other person is paying you a compliment?

A. I don't believe them or ignore it

B. I don't take it very seriously

C. I am pleased

D. I feel like the compliment has made my day

2. How often do you think about this person?

A. Maybe once a day

B. Every couple of hours

C. Every hour

D. All the time

3. What do you talk about with him or her?

A. Weather and general topics

B. Stuff that's happening at work

C. Hobbies

D. My most intimate thoughts


A. Everything – there are no secrets

B. Just general stuff

C. Just their name

D. Nothing, and he or she mustn’t find out

5. What do you complain about to your friend?

A. General issues

B. Work and house chores

C. Conflicts with other people

D. My husband or my wife

6. How do you prepare before meeting this person?

A. I don’t do anything special

B. I dress casually but take care to look good

C. I put on my best outfit

D. I take good care of my appearance and maybe buy a gift for them

7. How do you act when the other person is around?

A. I act normally

B. I am in a good mood

C. I am happy

D. I have butterflies and find it difficult to concentrate

8. How is your relationship with your partner?

A. We are doing fine

B. We have some issues but nothing serious

C. We don't get on very well

D. We fight all the time and avoid each other

9. How do you feel about your friendship with this person?

A. I don’t feel guilty at all

B. Sometimes I think it would be better to put an end to it

C. I can’t help from interacting with this person

D. I feel guilty and hide it from my partner

10. How do you feel when you haven’t spoken to your friend for days?

A. It doesn't bother me at all

B. Slightly disappointed

C. I feel like something is missing

D. I feel incomplete and anxious

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