Emotional Neglect In Marriage Quiz

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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 2797 | Updated: Feb 24, 2022
Emotional Neglect in Marriage Quiz
Having a successful marriage requires an equal amount of effort from both partners. If only one person is doing their part, the other person could be left feeling lonely and unimportant. Emotional neglect can happen in any marriage, but it isn't always easy to identify. You are emotionally neglected means that your partner has failed to make your feelings a priority. They may be ignoring you at important moments, withholding affection, acting distant, or dismissing your emotions. If this sounds familiar, take this quiz to discover if you've been experiencing emotional neglect in your marriage.

Questions Excerpt

1. If you’re having a problem and want to talk it out with your partner, how do they react?

A. My partner is open to communication and is a great listener

B. My partner frequently ignores my requests to talk about our feelings

C. My partner listens for a little bit but eventually loses interest

2. Does your spouse consult you when it comes to making big decisions that impact the both of you?

A. Yes, we always work together as a team

B. No, no spouse often makes major decisions without my knowledge

C. Sometimes I’m not included in these decisions

3. When you want to be intimate with your spouse, who usually makes the first move?

A. I show my spouse I am interested in intimacy and I often get rejected

B. I make the first move and my spouse also shows interest in being intimate

C. My spouse is the one who usually makes the first move and I am receptive to their advances

4. Does your spouse give you eye contact during a conversation?

A. No, my spouse often looks away when talking to me

B. Yes my partner always gives me eye contact

C. My partner gives me eye contact most of the time but could be more attentive

5. How do you and your partner spend your free time?

A. We spend quality time together as a couple

B. We split our time between individual and couple activities

C. We spend the majority of our free time apart

6. Do you feel comfortable voicing your opinions to your spouse?

A. I don’t know if I’m comfortable or not

B. Yes, I know my spouse wants to hear me

C. No, my spouse shows no signs in being interested in what I think

7. How often do you feel ignored, invalidated, and disregarded in your marriage?

A. I feel that way most of the time

B. There are moments when I feel that way

C. I have never felt that way

8. Do you feel like your spouse only focuses on their needs instead of yours?

A. No, I don’t feel that way at all

B. Sometimes I feel that way

C. I feel that way all the time

9. How would you describe the way your spouse affects your self esteem?

A. My spouse makes me feel confident and empowered

B. My spouse makes me feel worthless and inferior

C. My spouse doesn’t impact my self esteem

10. Do you feel like the person you married truly loves you?

A. I don’t know anymore

B. I do not feel loved by my partner

C. I feel very loved by my partner

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