10 Ways to Find Emotional Infidelity Texting

10 Ways to Find Emotional Infidelity Texting

The general idea of infidelity is getting involved in sexual activity beyond a committed relationship. Well, there could be emotional infidelity texting as well, whereas you’re involved with someone over the text without even realizing that you’re cheating on your partner.

At first, it all starts with knowing each other and friendship. However, over the period you realize you’re thinking more about that person than your partner. Since you’re not sure what to give to this relationship, you end up calling them your close friend.

In reality, it is emotional infidelity. Let’s look at how can you identify it and stop it before it’s too late. 

1. Lying about your closeness to someone else

You hide things since you’re not sure about it at all.

When you have to lie about the depth of the relationship with the person to your partner, you’re getting involved in emotional cheating. The need comes since you are not sure about it or would not like your partner to know about the depth of connection you have with that person.

The moment you’re hiding things from your partner, you’re getting involved in infidelity. 

2. Easily sharing intimate and frustration about your present partner

Your frustrations and intimate conversations between your partner and you are personal. You don’t easily share it with any third person, not even your friends. However, when you’re involved in emotional cheating, you open up about these issues.

You feel free and legit to share all your personal issues and frustration to the person over text or call. 

3. Their text brings up a smile on your face

Apart from sharing the frustration and personal information between your partner and you, whenever you get their text a smile comes on your face. You’re getting comfortable in texting them and feel happy whenever you’re talking to them.

Ideally, this should happen when you’re with your partner and not with someone else. This could be the early sign of emotional infidelity. 

4. Oversharing details that you should be sharing with your partner

It’s obvious to share every minute detail of your day and thoughts with your partner. However, if you start sharing these details with someone else over the text instead of with your partner, you’re getting involved in emotional infidelity texting.

It might be difficult for you to identify this difference but take a minute and observe; are you being loyal to your partner? If the answer is no, then you must analyze the solution and work accordingly. 

5. Exchange of inappropriate message

Exchange of inappropriate message

Analyze your messages and see if your partner would approve of exchange of such communication. Often, when we are involved in communication we ignore what’s right and wrong, and we only focus on what we think is right. Whenever you’re doing so, make sure you analyze your message from a third person’s perspective and see if they’re appropriate.

If you find them inappropriate, stop the conversation immediately. 

6. Sneaking around to read the message

You don’t sneak around to read a message from your friends, family, or even colleagues. If you’re sneaking around from your partner to read this person’s text, then subconsciously you’re sure that whatever you’re doing is wrong. Hence, you’re avoiding being caught. The moment this starts, be alert.

Don’t take this too far otherwise you might find yourself in an awkward situation. 

7. Spending more time with the other person than your partner

You love spending time with the person you love. When in a relationship, it’s your partner. However, in case of emotional infidelity texting, it’s the person on the phone.

You take out time to spend more with the other person than your partner, stay away late and text them, eagerly wait for their responses and even reply to their text instantly.

If these things are happening in your life, then you’re involved in emotional cheating

8. You delete text or call from the other person

We try to hide things only when our conscience says it’s wrong.

If you’re deleting text from that other person so that you’re not caught texting someone, then you’re cheating. It’s a must that you stop these activities at once before your partner finds out. If possible, confess this to your partner.

It’s never too late to seek forgiveness. Seek the advice of an expert, if needed. 

9. Giving the other person more importance than your partner

For couples, nothing is far more important than to spend time with each other. However, in case of emotional infidelity, you may find yourself spending more time with the other person than your partner.

So much so, you may end up canceling your plans or rescheduling it so that you can spend more time with the other person. 

10. They understand you more than your partner

There comes a time in this emotional infidelity that you start believing that the other person understands you more and better than your partner. This happens since you’re sharing more information with the other person instead with your partner.

This belief often leads to separation. So, it’s better to rectify this mistake and end the emotional infidelity texting.