Should I Be In An Open Relationship Quiz

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Should I Be In An Open Relationship Quiz
A partnership implies being committed to one person, and yet, at some point, you may feel sexually attracted to other people. You may even catch yourself asking, “Should I be in an open relationship?”rnEven though common opinions are against that type of partnership and consider them infidelity, whether they prove successful depends on multiple factors. Some people may feel comfortable having and accepting multiple sexual partners, while others may be better suited for monogamous relationships. You can take this quiz and see if an open partnership may be right for you.

Questions Excerpt

1. How do you feel about trying new, exciting things in the bedroom?

A. I’m good, as long as I trust the person

B. I’m open to suggestions, though I think that I’d not be comfortable with lots of stuff

C. That’s what I’m all about

2. What do you seek in a sexual partner?

A. I want to be physically attracted to them and be able to have fun

B. I want to have the thrill, as well as feel close to them

C. I want to feel a strong emotional bond with them

3. How does your partner feel about someone else getting physically intimate with you?

A. They are okay with it, as long as I am happy

B. They may feel a bit jealous and get upset

C. They will get really upset, it may even ruin the relationship

4. How do you handle uncertainty in the relationship?

A. I feel a bit uncomfortable but I think that I can follow through

B. I usually feel very uncomfortable and stress much

C. I’m open to it, as it brings new possibilities

5. How’s your sex life?

A. I feel a bit unsatisfied in the bedroom recently

B. It’s good, but I know it could be better

C. It’s amazing and I feel very satisfied

6. Do you and your partner feel comfortable talking about intimacy?

A. Yes, we have no secrets or taboos

B. More yes than no, yet there are some things we would never talk about

C. You could say that, yet we may both shy away from some subjects

7. How do you and your partner feel about bending the rules of the relationship?

A. We are pretty used to doing things our way and feel very comfortable

B. We are completely open to change, it will only spice things up

C. We may try something new and discuss a change if one of us wants to

8. How does your partner feel about a threesome?

A. They are not comfortable with the idea

B. They are a bit uncertain about the idea

C. They are very excited to try

9. How do and your partner feel about monogamy?

A. It seems to not work out for us

B. It may not be the best option for all couples

C. It works very well for us

10. Have you asked your partner how they’d feel if you were in an open relationship?

A. I’m considering it, I’m not sure how they’d react

B. No, and I don’t think that they would be okay

C. Yes, and they are rather comfortable with the idea

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