Quiz: What Type of Sex is Your Favorite?

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 2524
Quiz: What Type of Sex is Your Favorite?
There are so many things that can be said about sexual intimacy. The questions are pretty straightforward, but there are deeper meanings behind them. What are your favorite sex acts and type? How much do you differ in this regard? Who typically initiates intimacy between you and your partner? Some people prefer to keep their sexual past "hidden", while others enjoy sharing the intimate details of their private life. Which do you prefer, or are you somewhere in between? If you are the one who enjoys sharing intimate details, the main question that pops up is what type of sex is your favorite? rnDo you think you can take this quiz and learn your type? Prove that you can!

Questions Excerpt

1. Thoughts on roughhousing in bed?

A. Here for it.

B. Not for me.

C. Depends on my mood.

2. Ever had sex in public or, like, semi-public?

A. Don’t tell anyone, but yes.

B. What? No, what if I got caught!

C. No, but I want to try.

3. Your roommate(s) def heard you having sex last night. How do you feel about that?

A. Honestly, I hope they heard!

B. Eh, whatever, I don't care.

C. Everyone has sex; it’s fine.

4. Suppose your partner suggests taping your next sex sesh. What would you do, you say?

A. We’ve already done this so many times - I’m down.

B. I’m intrigued.

C. I’ve got some questions, but okay.

5. Your go-to sex position is:

A. Cowboy. 

B. Missionary 

C. Spooning.

6. What do you think about BDSM?

A. I think “Fifty Shades” is hot.

B. I could teach a master class in rope bondage right here, right now.

C. I’m not sure.

7. Thoughts on dirty talk?

A.  Sex without dirty talk is just weird.

B. Sex with dirty talk is just weird.

C. I feel weird talking to my partner like that though it depends on my mood.

8. How much PDA is okay? 

A. Putting your arm around your partner or giving someone a quick kiss, but anything more than that crosses a line.

B. Some things should be private.

C. I’m not sure.

9. Thoughts on sex toys? 

A. Would be nice!

B. Would be exciting!

C. Meh, no!

10. What do you have on under your clothes before a planned sex sesh?

A. Whole-ass lingerie look.

B. A bra and undies that match.

C. Nothing. 

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