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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 1875
Do I Have a Good Sex Life Quiz
Everyone feels better when they have a good sex life, regardless if they are single, dating or in a committed relationship. The idea of a “good” sex life could vary depending on the person and what they feel like their sexual needs are compared to others, but it is a natural feeling to wonder if you have a good sex life. The truth is, the idea of having a good sex life could change from person to person, and the basic rule to live by is to base your satisfaction with your sex life on your fulfillment, happiness, and having your needs met. If you feel good in these areas, you probably have a good sex life. Take this quiz today to find out if you have a good sex life.

Questions Excerpt

1. What is one of the essential factors for a satisfying sex life?

A. A large income

B. Good communication with your partner

C. Owning a luxurious house

2. How does regular physical intimacy impact a relationship?

A. It increases emotional connection and intimacy

B. It leads to more arguments and conflicts

C. It has no effect on the relationship

3. What can help in overcoming sexual difficulties in a relationship?

A. Ignoring the issues and hoping they'll go away

B. Seeking professional help or counseling

C. Blaming your partner for the problems

4. What role does trust play in a healthy sex life?

A. Trust is not important for a good sex life

B. Trust is essential for intimacy and vulnerability

C. Trust only matters outside of the bedroom

5. How can stress and anxiety affect your sex life?

A. They have no impact on sexual performance

B. They can improve sexual desire and arousal

C. They can negatively affect sexual desire and performance

6. How often would you say you are having sex?

A. Once per month

B. 2-3 times per month

C. Once per week

7. Do you masturbate?

A. No

B. Rarely

C. Yes

8. Do you feel confident about yourself and your body?

A. Not really

B. Sometimes

C. Yes

9. Are you comfortable talking about your sexual needs?

A. Not really

B. Sometimes

C. Yes

10. Are you afraid to ask for what you want in the bedroom?

A. Most of the time

B. Sometimes

C. Not really

11. How is your communication in general with your partner?

A. Not great

B. Sometimes good, but not all the time

C. It’s good most of the time

12. Do you enjoy sex with your partner?

A. Rarely

B. Sometimes

C. Most of the time

13. Do you think your partner enjoys sex with you?

A. Rarely/I don’t know

B. Sometimes

C. Most of the time

14. Do you try to really be present during sex?

A. No

B. Sometimes, but not always

C. Yes, I try to

15. Are you satisfied with your sex life?

A. Not really

B. Sometimes

C. Yes, for the most part

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