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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 87 | Updated: Feb 27, 2024
Sex Quiz for Couples

Spice up your relationship with our 'Sex Quizzes for Couples'! This fun, engaging quiz is designed to bring couples closer, exploring preferences and desires in a light-hearted way. Perfect for a cozy night in, it promises laughter, discovery, and maybe a few surprises. Dive in and enjoy together!

Questions Excerpt

1. How many times a week do you have sex?

A. Every day

B. Every other day

C. Once or twice 

D. Never

2. What is your favorite position?

A. Missionary

B. Sixty-Nine

C. Doggy

D. Other

3. Do you like submissive partners?

A. Maybe

B. Sometimes

C. No

D. Never had one

4. What�s the most daring thing you�ve ever done with your partner?

A. Sex in a public place

B. Bondage

C. Anal

D. Threesome

5. Does sex connects you to your partner?

A. Everytime

B. Often

C. Sometimes

D. No

6. Have you ever tried sex with other people together?

A. Once

B. Sometimes

C. Often

D. Never

7. Is sex the most important thing in your relationship?

A. No

B. Somewhat

C. One of the most

D. Not sure

8. Do you often watch porn together?

A. Once

B. Sometimes

C. Often

D. Never

9. Do you often send nasty pictures to one another during the day?

A. Never

B. Once

C. Sometimes

D. Often

10. Do you use sex toys?

A. Never

B. Once

C. Sometimes

D. Often

11. How do you feel about trying new things in the bedroom?

A. Excited and open to it

B. A bit hesitant but willing

C. Prefer sticking to what we know

D. Not interested in changing our routine

12. How important is foreplay to you?

A. Essential and enjoyable

B. Nice, but not necessary

C. Very important, it's the best part

D. Not that important to us

13. How do you communicate your sexual desires to your partner?

A. Openly discuss them

B. Through subtle hints

C. Rarely talk about it, just go with the flow

D. Experiment without much talk

14. How do you feel after being intimate with your partner?

A. Deeply connected and happy

B. Satisfied and content

C. Excited and energized

D. Not much different than usual

15. How often do you initiate sex with your partner?

A. Almost always

B. Frequently, I like to keep things lively

C. Sometimes, I prefer a balance

D. Rarely, I'm not usually the initiator

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