Quiz To Test The Trust Between You And Your Partner

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 551
Quiz To Test The Trust Between You And Your Partner
Trust should stay at the foundation of every successful and fulfilling relationship. However, we see many people checking their partner’s phone or feeling worried when their significant one calls to say they are working overtime one evening.in some cases, this happens because the partner really can’t be trusted, and in other cases, the one who is playing the detective has some confidence issues. Read more What about you, how much do you trust your husband? Read less

Questions Excerpt

1. Have you ever checked your husband’s phone?

A. Never

B. Once or twice

C. Occasionally

D. Yes, I do it often

2. Your husband tells you he’s going to a business trip. What do you do?

A. Enjoy my time alone

B. Think about him every once in a while

C. Feel neglected

D. Call to his hotel to check if he's telling the truth

3. How do you feel when your partner calls to say they will be late at work?

A. Absolutely fine

B. A bit annoyed

C. Worried

D. Angry and jealous

4. Your husband has a new female co-worker – how does this affect you?

A. In no way

B. I feel a bit worried

C. I start to experience anxiety

D. I know he will flirt with her

5. Your husband tells you he is going out tonight with his friends. What is your response?

A. I will miss you!

B. Don't stay out too late!

C. Are you sure that's what you should be doing?

D. Have fun!

6. Would you like to be able to control what your partner is doing?

A. No way

B. A bit

C. Probably

D. Definitely

7. You have no idea about your husband’s whereabouts for several hours. Does this bother you?

A. Not at all

B. Just a bit

C. Moderately

D. A lot

8. Let’s say you think of checking your partner’s phone. What do you expect to find?

A. Just normal stuff

B. Conversations with female friends

C. Flirting evidence

D. I don't even want to think about it

9. How often do you check your husband’s social media?

A. Almost never

B. Occasionally

C. Often

D. Every day

10. What percentage of your partner’s actions do you question?

A. Less than 10

B. Around 25

C. Around 50

D. Towards 100

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