Does My Partner Deserve My Trust?

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 107
Does My Partner Deserve My Trust?
Trust is the first condition of a healthy relationship. How can you feel happy when you are never able to predict your partner’s next move or never be certain of their support? When you don’t trust someone, you can’t have an emotional connection with them. Unfortunately, lying to people in our lives is often taken lightly, and when your partner is one of those men that can’t be trusted, your love life will be a mess. Take this quiz to discover if your partner deserves your trust!

Questions Excerpt

1. Has your partner ever canceled a date?

A. Never

B. Once, with a good reason

C. Several times

D. Multiple times and providing vague explanations

2. You are moving to a new place. Is your partner there for you to help you with carrying those boxes?

A. Absolutely

B. Yes, if I ask him

C. Not sure

D. Definitely not

3. Is your partner secretive with his phone calls and text messages?

A. Never, he even shows his text messages to me

B. No, but it's his own private business

C. Sometimes

D. He often leaves the room to answer phone calls

4. How well do you know your partner’s friends?

A. They are my friends too

B. Quite well

C. So-so

D. I barely know them

5. Has he ever given you a reason to doubt him?

A. Never

B. Once

C. A few times

D. Countless reasons

6. As far as you know, has your partner ever lied to you?

A. Never

B. Once or a couple of times

C. Multiple times

D. Lying is a habit for him

7. Do you ever feel like you have to chase your partner?

A. No, we always manage to find each other

B. Not really

C. Sometimes he seems unavailable

D. Yes, and I always have to make up excuses for him

8. Has your partner ever inconvenienced himself to make you happy?

A. Multiple times

B. Once or twice

C. I can't remember

D. Never, on the contrary

9. Are you happy with the way your partner is treating you?

A. 100%

B. Mostly

C. So-so

D. Not really

10. How does he call you in his correspondence with you?

A. He usually calls me by my name

B. By my name or with a specific nickname

C. "Babe" or "sweetheart"

D. He is very generic in his communications and he never uses my name

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