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Is My Husband Mentally Ill Quiz
Each mental illness manifests through a wide range of symptoms. These are usually related to drastic changes in the person’s thought processes, moods, and behaviors. While many people display mental health concerns in their lives, a mental illness provokes intense distress, as its symptoms are continuous and disrupt everyday functioning. You may have noticed some strange signs recently and wonder, “Is my partner mentally ill?”rnBelow are the common symptoms of abnormal functioning in adults. Take the quiz to find out if your partner is experiencing some psychological difficulties or is more likely to have a mental illness.

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you notice drastic changes in your partner’s eating and sleeping habits, sex drive, or a decline in personal hygiene?

A. Yes

B. Maybe for a few days, then they go back to normal

C. No

2. Does your partner have unexplainable problems concentrating, memorizing things, logical thinking, or speaking?

A. Yes, their thought process seems disorganized, or very fast or slow.

B. They have difficulty with memory and concentration from time to time.

C. Rarely, only when they're very tired.

3. Does your partner display heightened sensitivity to sounds, smells, sights, or touch, or avoid overstimulating situations altogether?

A. Yes, they overreact to and excessively avoid one or more of these stimuli.

B. They may have such periods, then their sensitivity returns to normal.

C. No, they don’t display any unusual reaction towards these stimuli.

4. Does your partner have uncommonly rapid or drastic changes in their emotional states?

A. Yes, they may be very enthusiastic or irritable for a certain amount of time, then they can get very worried or depressed.

B. They may feel a bit down for a couple of days or a week, but then they get better.

C. No.

5. Does your partner display a lack of interest in things or activities that they usually enjoy, meeting people and going out included?

A. Yes

B. Sometimes, for a couple of days or a week

C. No.

6. Does your partner have suicidal thoughts or harm themselves or you in any way?

A. Yes, they display at least one of the three.

B. They may engage in toxic behaviors when under severe stress, such as drinking, drug abuse, etc.

C. No, they don’t display such thought patterns or behaviors.

7. Does your partner have unusual or exaggerated beliefs that they have the power to influence things or read into special meanings, hear or see things others cannot?

A. Yes

B. They may say something, but it sounds more like exaggerating self-importance

C. No

8. Does your partner have difficulty getting out of bed, performing everyday tasks, or show an overall drop in functioning (at work, hobbies, social activities)?

A. Yes

B. They have such periods but then quickly return to normal

C. No

9. Does your partner display any odd, uncharacteristic, or compulsive behavior?

A. Yes

B. Not really, only some compulsive rituals may appear when under a lot of stress

C. No

10. Does your partner have the feeling of unrealness of oneself or the surroundings, of something strange going on, or of someone wanting to harm them?

A. Yes, they have shared with me at least one of the three feelings.

B. No, but they may feel disconnected from themselves or the environment when under a lot of stress.

C. No, they do not have such feelings.

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