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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 301 | Updated: Feb 24, 2022
Is My Husband Depressed or Just A Mess
Is your husband depressed? Is it possible he’s just feeling a little bit down? There are times in life when someone feels extremely lost and sad but can’t help themselves, leaving them exposed and defenseless in front of their partner. It’s not fun watching someone you love be upset. Take this Is My Husband Depressed quiz to find out whether he’s depressed or just a mess.

Questions Excerpt

1. When you and your husband go out together, does he:

A. Seem completely zoned out

B. Seem to enjoy the time together but is still in a funk

C. Seem to be totally relaxed and enjoying the time out

2. In the past six months, your husband’s sleeping habits have:

A. Gotten worse

B. Stayed the same

C. Improved

3. In the past six months, your husband’s eating habits have:

A. Increased or decreased drastically

B. Changed slightly

C. Stayed the same

4. Your husband has:

A. Gone through a traumatic event in the past year

B. Gone through a traumatic event at some point in his life

C. Never gone through a traumatic event

5. If you were to confront your husband about his attitude lately, would he:

A. Say he needs help

B. Acknowledge he’s been in a funk, but he doesn’t know what to do about it

C. Deny being depressed

6. When you and your husband are in the bedroom, does he:

A. Often have trouble getting things going

B. Have issues sometimes

C. Rarely have a problem

7. Your husband:

A. Has considered going to therapy in the past

B. Just seems sad

C. Never gone to therapy or considered it

8. Does your husband have:

A. A history of mental health issues

B. A family member with a history of mental health issues

C. No history of mental health issues himself or in his family

9. In the past year, your husband has:

A. Brought up being depressed

B. Brought up feeling sad or lonely

C. Not brought up feeling negatively

10. Doing things your husband enjoys has recently:

A. Not brought him pleasure

B. Brought him less pleasure than normal

C. Brought him the same amount of pleasure as always

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