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10 Questions | Updated: Nov 25, 2022
 Is It My Marriage or Depression Quiz?

Depression can creep up on you instantaneously. It could be borne out of some news you heard or your mood at any point in time or even by dint of the relationship you’re in. It can be pretty difficult to tell exactly where the sudden feeling of sadness comes from. Because of how deeply involved one becomes in a relationship, mentally and emotionally, it can harm your mental health as much as help it at times. So how do you distinguish between a normal change in mood depression and a relationship caused the depression? 

‘ Is it my marriage or depression quiz ‘ is the ultimate quiz for you to understand what truly is the root cause of your depression. 

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Questions Excerpt

1. Have you lost the joy in your favorite activities since being in this relationship?

A. Appears like it

B. Yes absolutely

C. No

2. Do you feel stressed out by your relationship?

A. Not at all

B. Yes all the time

C. Sometimes

3. Have you ever been depressed before?

A. Yes several times

B. This is new to me

C. It’s an on and off thing for me

4. Do you feel relieved when your partner is around?

A. Yes I like them around

B. I’m super nervous when they’re around

C. It depends, not always

5. Is your partner supportive of your mental health related problems?

A. Yes

B. No, absolutely not

C. Not all the time

6. Has your marriage made you less energetic?

A. No it hasn’t

B. Yes it has

C. Somehow it has

7. Has there been a recent decline in your physical feelings?

A. Yes absolutely

B. Not at all

C. Sometimes

8. Does your partner criticize you and blame you for your depression, or are they understanding and empathetic?

A. Understanding and empathetic

B. Very critical and blames me all the time

C. They just don’t understand what it is like to be me

9. Have your friends been critical of your relationship?

A. No, they think that my partner is good for me

B. Yes they think my partner isn’t ideal for me

C. Sometimes

10. How convinced are you about your mental health?

A. It’s surely just depression

B. I’m depressed because of my marriage

C. I’m not sure how

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