Infidelity Quiz- Will Your Marriage Be Affected By Infidelity?

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 1154
Infidelity Quiz- Will Your Marriage Be Affected By Infidelity?
When you say “I do”, you think your marriage will last forever and you and your partner will be faithful to each other. Is it still true? Take this quiz to find out if your marriage is likely to be affected by infidelity.

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you and your partner talk about your day after coming home at night?

A. Never

B. Rarely

C. Sometimes

D. All the time

2. Do your hobbies and interests match?

A. Not at all, I knit and he does sky-diving

B. Not really, but we try to take interest in each other's hobbies

C. Our hobbies are in the same area

D. Our hobbies are exactly the same

3. How old are you and your spouse?

A. Under 25 years old

B. 25-30 years old

C. 30-40 years old

D. More than 40 years old

4. Is your partner’s behavior stable?

A. Not at all, he/she has unexplained mood swings that are hard to predict.

B. Not really, he/she has mood swings every once in a while

C. His/her behavior is rather stable

D. His/her behavior is very predictable

5. For how long have you been married?

A. Less than 7 years

B. 7-15 years

C. 15-30 years

D. More than 30 years

6. What age are your children?

A. Under the age of two

B. 2-5 years old

C. 5-10 years old

D. More than 10 years old or we don't have children

7. Do you analyze your partner’s phone and bank account statements?

A. Yes, because I can't trust him/her

B. I'm doing it occasionally and I couldn't call it a habit.

C. I've done it a couple of times

D. I never check their phone or bank account statements

8. Do you holiday together when you are able?

A. No, we spend all vacations separately

B. Rarely

C. Sometimes

D. We spend all our vacations together

9. How do you get along with your mother and father-in-laws?

A. Very bad, we don't have any topics in common

B. I tolerate them and pretend we have a talk

C. We get on well

D. They're like my parents

10. When did you decide to get married?

A. A couple of months after we met

B. A year after we met

C. 1-2 years after we met

D. More than 2 years after we met

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