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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 30 | Updated: Mar 22, 2022
How Well Do You Handle Rejection Quiz
Rejection is inherent in life. From being rejected by a company, a person, an activity to you rejecting people are a part of life. Rejection is supposed to soften us and make us unworthy, but how you choose to manage or handle rejection is entirely up to you. How you deal with it is also essential for your success and unhappiness or failure and sadness. How do you handle rejection quiz is a series of questions poised to determine whether rejection makes you inadequate or builds resilience in you. Take this ‘How well do u handle rejection quiz’ and find out more:

Questions Excerpt

1. What does being rejected mean to you?

A. It means I’m not as popular as you think

B. Rejection is completely normal

C. It means I’m an unworthy person

2. How do you feel when your friends go out and don’t invite you?

A. I feel lonely and wonder why they didn’t tell me

B. They can do whatever they want

C. I feel angry

3. How do you feel when you get turned down by your crush?

A. You get sad and look for ways to better yourself

B. You’re completely okay about it

C. You cry and feel devastated

4. How would you react if someone tries to fight you

A. I stand my ground

B. I confront the issue with humor

C. Keep quiet about it and resent them forever

5. Do you care about what people think about you?

A. Sometimes I do, I’m human after all

B. I’m unbothered

C. Yes, a lot

6. How often does being rejected affect your confidence and self-esteem?

A. Sometimes it does

B. It’s never

C. It does always

7. Which ideals do you subscribe to?

A. I think I’m an optimist

B. I lean towards realism

C. I’m a pessimist

8. On a scale of 1-10, where 10 is the highest, what’s your confidence level?

A. 5 to 7

B. 8 to 10

C. 1 to 4

9. Where does your motivation lie?

A. It lies in rewards

B. It lies in certainties

C. I’m particular about the audience

10. How do you feel if your crush/ friend doesn’t return your call or text message?

A. I assume they are annoyed with me

B. I assume they were probably busy

C. I become emotional and wonder why they didn’t reply

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