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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 42
 Does Rejection in Love Scare You Quiz?

Rejection in love is one of the hardest emotions to cope with. Despite being painful, rejections help us find the person who will like us for who we are rather than how we appear. When someone rejects another person in love, the rejection is aimed at the relationship, not the person. 

But this feeling is usually internalized and damages one’s self-esteem. It is not easy to separate a romantic rejection from self-worth and could happen either due to a bad childhood, poor self-worth, or trauma. It is important to separate romantic rejections from one’s self-worth to lead a healthy life. 

To know how you can do that, take this Does Rejection In Love Scare You quiz and start introspecting. 

Questions Excerpt

1. Did you have a happy childhood?

A. My childhood was sort of fine than others

B. No, I didn’t

C. Yes, I did

D. My childhood was pretty rough

2. Were you ever molested?

A. No, I was never molested

B. Yes, many times

C. No, because I managed to escape

D. Yes, once or twice

3. Were you ever molested by a family member?

A. No, I wasn't

B. Yes, I was

C. They never got a chance to molest else they would have

D. Yes, and it still haunts me

4. Were you ever diagnosed with anxiety disorders such as PTSD?

A. No, I am doing fine

B. I just have a general anxiety disorder

C. I was never diagnosed, but I feel anxious

D. Yes, I was diagnosed with PTSD

5. Do you feel depressed, or were you diagnosed with clinical depression?

A. I feel depressed but have never been diagnosed with clinical depression

B. I just feel sad sometimes

C. I feel fine

D. Yes, I was diagnosed with clinical depression

6. Were you ever bullied by your parents?

A. No, I was never bullied by my parents

B. Yes, they bully me sometimes but I fight back

C. Yes, quite often

D. Yes, I was

7. Have you ever been in a romantic relationship for more than two years?

A. I am still dating

B. Two years is pretty long

C. Yes, I have

D. No, I have never had a long relationship with anyone

8. What do you always seek in a relationship?

A. Fun

B. Happiness

C. Commitment

D. Trust

9. Are you easily affected by rejections?

A. Yes, I do get affected

B. I feel dejected when I get rejected

C. I can cope with rejections

D. No, I am pretty immune to rejections

10. How sensitive are you on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being extremely sensitive?

A. 9-10

B. 4-6

C. 1-3

D. 7-8

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