Divorce Test Quiz- Should You End Your Relationship?

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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 206
Divorce Test Quiz- Should You End Your Relationship?
Do you think you are ready for a divorce? Is your husband or wife abusive? Do you argue all the time, and do you feel your finances have gotten worse ever since you’ve been married to your partner? Or do you feel that your life is not improving in terms of you not being able to grow in your career or as an individual because of your partner’s negativity and toxicity? If you’ve answered positively to more than one of these questions then maybe you got married to the wrong person and need to get out now. For confirmation of this impression take our quiz now.

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you think that you made the right choice to get married?

A. Yes, absolutely

B. No

C. You regret it a lot

D. Yes, this is the love of your lifern

2. Would you recommend anyone to get married? Why or why not?

A. Yes, because it is a great thing

B. Yes, because you'll end up finding your true purpose in life

C. No, it's a nightmare

D. No, it's like being imprisonedrn

3. Do you enjoy your partner’s presence?

A. Yes, a lot

B. Yes, sometimes

C. No

D. You used to but not anymore

4. What makes you happy about your partner?

A. Their laughter

B. Their energy

C. Their love for life

D. Nothing

5. What makes you angry about your partner?

A. Everything

B. Their dark humor

C. Their laziness

D. You can't think of a single thing

6. Do you think you can remain married for a long time?

A. Yes, hopefully

B. You want to work hard to make it last

C. Hopefully not

D. No, you are done for nowrn

7. What would be the thing leading you to ask for a divorce?

A. Infidelity

B. Lies

C. Drugs

D. Bad finances

8. For how long have you been married?

A. A year

B. A few months

C. A few weeks

D. Many years

9. Do you think you’ve been married for too long?

A. No, you loved every minute of it

B. It's possible

C. Why?

D. Yes, probably

10. What has led you to get married?

A. Love

B. Money

C. Peer pressure

D. You don't knowrn

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