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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 101 | Updated: Jan 31, 2024
Should I Divorce Her Quiz

Relationships can be enriching as they can also be toxic for some. Unfortunately, getting a divorce has been a nightmare for many. Many risk losing their wealth, their children, and also their sanity. But what would you be ready to go through in order to have some peace of mind as an individual? Is a marriage worth fighting for, when a partner has become more toxic? Take our 'Should I Divorce Her' quiz and find out what you should do.

Questions Excerpt

1. How many times a week do you fight with your wife?

A. Once

B. Twice

C. All the time

D. I hardly fight with her

2. How do you feel about your future with your wife?

A. Optimistic

B. Uncertain

C. Pessimistic

D. Indifferent

3. How often do you and your wife have meaningful conversations?

A. Daily

B. Weekly

C. Rarely

D. Never

4. How do you handle disagreements with your wife?

A. We discuss calmly

B. We argue but resolve it

C. It often leads to intense fights

D. We avoid discussing disagreements

5. Who normally starts fights between the two of you?

A. She does

B. I do

C. Both of us

D. Nobody because we hardly fight

6. How supportive do you feel your wife is towards your personal goals?

A. Very supportive

B. Somewhat supportive

C. Not very supportive

D. Unsupportive

7. How much do you trust your wife?

A. Completely

B. Mostly

C. A little

D. Not at all

8. What is usually the source of the arguments between the two of you?

A. Money

B. Betrayals

C. Bills

D. Nothing

9. What do you feel when you look at your wife?

A. I feel disgusted

B. I get sad

C. Nothing

D. Happiness

10. Are you still intimate with your wife?

A. Yes, of course

B. Yes, once a week

C. Yes, twice a week

D. No, not really

11. Do you still share a room with your wife?

A. No, not at all

B. Yes, of course

C. Yes, especially when there are no fights

D. Yes, because after all, we bought that bed

12. How many times do you think about divorce?

A. All the time

B. At least once a week

C. At least once a month

D. Never

13. Who do you think will be the loser if you divorce your wife?

A. Nobody because we both wish things could end soon

B. She would be the loser

C. Both of us

D. I would be the loser

14. What do you risk losing if you ever filed for divorce?

A. My happiness

B. My kids

C. My car, house and money

D. Not much

15. How urgently do you feel like divorcing your wife?

A. Within the next few days

B. Within the next week

C. Possibly next year

D. I'm in no rush because everything is wonderful right now

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