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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 155 | Updated: Apr 21, 2022
Am I Stone Hearted Quiz
Here is the Am I Stone Hearted quiz! It is acceptable to be unsure about life. Do you have a soft heart or a stone heart? Do you have empathy or compassion for others? Or are you a tough, hardnosed, and business-minded individual? Take this quiz to discover who you are.

Questions Excerpt

1. Which phrase best describes your attitude?

A. Life isn’t about findings yourself. It’s about creating yourself

B. An eye for an eye blinds the world

C. Too long a sacrifice can make a stone heart

2. Do people frequently refer to you as cold and callous?

A. Just sometimes

B. In general

C. No

3. Are you unconcerned about other people's feelings?

A. Just sometimes

B. Generally

C. Actually no

4. Do you believe you have the ability to forgive?

A. Yes

B. Not sure, It depends

C. I don't think so

5. ​​Do you get sad when you see someone in a hopeless situation?

A. Yes, of course

B. Hmm, It depends actually

C. I don't think so

6. Do you believe that humanity is necessary for business?

A. Yes, of course

B. Not for every time

C. No

7. Do you feel sad when you see an injured animal?

A. Of course, but this feeling doesn't last long

B. Feel sad, but I'm not good at expressing it to others

C. Without a doubt! I'm going to be stuck for a few hours

8. If you had a dream, it would have been…

A. Dark, but not too dark, wild, worn, or crazy things

B. I have no control over my dreams

C. Flowers, happiness, soft animals, and sunlight can be found everywhere

9. How do you make your choices?

A. Based on my logic

B. A combination of the heart and the mind

C. Based on my feelings

10. Lastly, will you give an old lady a seat on the bus?

A. Yes, sure

B. If I'm not tired, why not?

C. No, why would I do that?

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