Am I In A Bad Relationship?

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 155
Am I In A Bad Relationship?
Relationships are either good or bad, short or long-lived, enriching or traumatizing. The thing is, most people decide to stay in a relationship even though this one is bad. This is mostly because they don't know what a real relationship should look like. No one can really blame them because relationships are not meant to be perfect from the start, on the other hand, they are supposed to be molded to Read more perfection with time.  So, how bad do you think your relationship is? Read less

Questions Excerpt

1. Are you happy with the relationship?

A. Yes, of course.

B. No.

C. Yes, because your partner is adorable.

D. No, because that's all you could get as a partner and it's a nightmare.

2. How many valentine days have you celebrated together?

A. Many.

B. One.

C. Too many.

D. Not enough.

3. Do you often cry yourself to sleep at night?

A. Yes, all the time.

B. Sometimes.

C. Only after a fight.

D. No, never.

4. What do you and your partner like doing together the most?

A. Going to the club.

B. Drinking.

C. Drinking.

D. Nothing.

5. Does your lover apologize after a fight or you are the one doing so?

A. They always apologize.

B. Unfortunately, you are the one apologizing most of the time.

C. You don't normally fight.

D. You can't remember of a time he actually apologized.

6. Do you think that you compromise more than your partner does?

A. Yes, absolutely.

B. It's possible.

C. rnIt's 50/50.

D. No, not really.

7. Is your partner happy when you are around?

A. Yes, he adores you, that's for sure.

B. Yes, you think so.

C. No, you feel like you are forcing things.

D. No, and that's why you only stay a few hours.

8. Does your partner likes it when you hang around their friends?

A. Yes, all the time.

B. Sometimes.

C. Only when you offer the beer and chips.

D. No.

9. Have you and your partner ever spoken about the possibility of having kids one day?

A. Yes.

B. No.

C. Sometimes.

D. All the time.

10. Do you think your partner considers you as their best friend?

A. Yes, absolutely.

B. You've never thought of it before.

C. No.

D. No, you are more sexual partners.

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