Am I His Priority Quiz

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Am I His Priority Quiz
Falling in love is one of the most incredible feelings in the world. The butterflies every time you see each other, the desire to spend all your waking moments together, the passion you feel towards one another!rnBut unfortunately, falling in love isn’t quite the same as the BEING in love feeling. When you slowly, but surely, get past the honeymoon phase, things aren’t quite the same anymore. Work schedules, families, hobbies, and other responsibilities sometimes take time away from the alone time you once shared with your significant other. You might be thinking to yourself, “Am I even a priority to him anymore?”rnTake the quiz below to finally reveal the answers you’ve been looking for.

Questions Excerpt

1. How often do you speak to your significant other?

A. Several times a day, you are always checking in with each other.

B. Once a day mostly. Sometimes more, sometimes less.

C. A few times per week, usually when you initiate it.

D. Once per week or less, even if you try to communicate more often.

2. When does he make plans with you to hang out together?

A. We see each other regularly without having to make plans.

B. We both usually make plans throughout the week to see each other.

C. I normally have to nag him, but we end up hanging out at least once per week.

D. It’s hard to make plans because of his schedule, and sometimes he cancels our plans when other things come up.

3. Who makes decisions when it comes to your relationship?

A. You both make all of your decisions together.

B. You make most of your decisions together, but some decisions you both make on your own.

C. You tend to discuss important decisions with him, but he doesn’t always do the same in return.

D. You both make your own decisions.

4. Does he set aside time for things that are important to you, such as events, vacations, date night, family time, etc.

A. Yes, he always keeps our plans, no matter what.

B. He sets aside time mostly unless something really important comes up.

C. Sometimes he sets aside time, but it seems like an inconvenience when he does or like he’d rather be somewhere else.

D. He rarely sets aside time for the things that are important to me and often makes excuses.

5. How often are you intimate with your partner?

A. Several times per week

B. At least once a week, we both wish it were more.

C. As often as possible when he has time and is in the mood.

D. He rarely makes time for me and doesn’t seem bothered by the lack of intimacy in our relationship.

6. Does he do things to let you know you are special to him?

A. Yes, he’s always finding little ways to make me feel special.

B. He does, but I wish it were more often.

C. He is too busy most of the time and doesn’t really seem interested in the romance or making me feel special.

D. He doesn’t, even though I have told him that would mean a lot to me. He doesn’t seem to care.

7. How often do you argue?

A. Not all the time, but we have arguments. And that’s normal!

B. We argue a decent amount, but don’t have major fights.

C. We often argue, usually, about his lack of interest in our relationship and me not feeling important to him.

D. We don’t really argue.

8. How well do you know his family and friends?

A. Very well, we get together with them all the time.

B. Pretty well, we hang out with them when our schedules allow.

C. Not that well. I have met some of his friends but not many members of his family.

D. Barely. He doesn’t seem to want to bring me around them yet.

9. Do you feel like you are always the one making an effort?

A. No, I think we make an equal effort.

B. Sometimes, but then he shows me how much he cares.

C. Most of the time.

D. He never makes any effort.

10. How much do you feel like he really listens to you and cares about the things going on in your life?

A. I feel like he cares and listens when I am telling him something.

B. I feel like he cares, but sometimes he just gets preoccupied with other things.

C. I don’t really feel like he listens when I talk, even though he says he does.

D. I don’t think he ever listens to me because he never seems interested and never remembers anything I tell him.

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