Was Breaking Up The Right Choice Quiz?

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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 1370
Was Breaking Up The Right Choice Quiz?
It’s easy to have regrets after breaking up with someone. It could be a good thing for many as well. rnThere are several reasons why people break up. Knowing whether your choice was a right one or a wrong one can save you from finding closure. Are you wondering whether breaking up was the right choice for you? Come along and find out!

Questions Excerpt

1. Are you optimistic about your future?

A. Yes ever since

B. I am uncertain

C. I am not

2. Do you enjoy doing things without them ?

A. More so 

B. Sometimes

C. It's difficult for me without them

3. Do you compare your ex with others?

A. No I don’t and I don’t think I ever will

B. I may if I get the chance

C. I always do this

4. Is your relationship with other people/ family deepening more than before?

A. Yes

B. Nothing has changed

C. It is getting worse

5. Are you learning things about yourself that you know you would have never learned if you were still with them?

A. Yes

B. Not really

C. I'm still stuck

6. Did you lose yourself in the process ? rn

A. Yes I did

B. Somehow

C. No I still feel same 

7. Was your partner putting the effort into changing ?

A. No he wasn't

B. Least effort

C. Yes, he was working hard on himself

8. Do you feel pain and sadness when you think about it?

A. Not at all

B. Yes but sometimes

C. Always

9. Has breaking up made you more productive?

A. My life has improved

B. It has been retrogressive since

C. I see no real change since

10. What was the feeling after the break up?

A. Deep feeling of peace

B. Mixed feelings

C. Regret

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