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Best Marriage Therapists in Colorado

Find a marriage therapist in Colorado. Counseling can help rebuild relationships, leading to happier and stronger marriages. Choose the best psychologists and therapists in Colorado only at Marriage.com. From watching therapy videos to reading therapy articles, you can get desired counseling in the manner you like. You can even pick the most suitable marriage counselor in Colorado from our comprehensive Therapist directory. If you are looking for the best marriage counseling from the best therapists, Marriage.com is the one that delivers.


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Randy Compton, Psychotherapist

Randy Compton

Randy Compton is a somatic psychotherapist, trainer, coach, inventor and author. For over 25 years, he has trained teachers and students in conflict mediation, affective
map 1503 Yarmouth Ave. Suite A, Boulder, Colorado, 80304

Articles By Randy Compton

Working Together with Trauma in a Committed Relationship

Working Together with Trauma in a Committed Relationship

Real love is identifiable by the way it makes us feel. Love should feel good. There is a peaceful quality ...
Afrah Caraballo, Psychotherapist

Afrah Caraballo

Afrah Caraballo is a LCSW who works with individuals struggling with trauma. She also works with families and couples and teaches them ways to live a happy and fulfilling

Articles By Afrah Caraballo

Loving With A Broken Heart

Loving With A Broken Heart

The courage to love is a direct result of having loved and lost. We are born loving and trusting unconditionally. ...
Marriage Is A Nest

Marriage Is A Nest

The reasons for getting married are similar to the reasons for building a nest safety and support and ...
Cody Mitts, Counselor

Cody Mitts

Cody is the founder of Ipseity Counseling Clinic located in Denver, Colorado. His practice is focused on supporting couples, families, and adolescents in the LGBTQ
map 7200 E. Hampden Ave. Suite 205, Denver, Colorado, 80224

Articles By Cody Mitts

Recognize the Red Flags of Resentment in Your Relationship

Recognize the Red Flags of Resentment in Your Relationship

Are you struggling with conflict, anger or any kind of resentment in relationship? Perhaps you ll take ...
I Want To Go To Church: Allowing Faith to Help Your Relationship or Marriage

I Want To Go To Church: Allowing Faith to Help Your Relationship or Marriage

One of the joys of being in a relationship is having a partner to explore life together. You get to learn ...
Dr. Trey Cole, Psychologist

Dr. Trey Cole

Trey practices psychotherapy in his own counseling service Quandary Peak Counseling. He also teaches Counseling Psychology PhD program in University of Denver, Colorado.
map 1805 S Bellaire Street, Suite 350Denver, CO 80222, Denver, Colorado, 80222
Nancy Wunderlich, Psychotherapist & Spiritual Counselor

Nancy Wunderlich
Psychotherapist & Spiritual Counselor

Nancy is an experienced registered psychotherapist. She works with various modalities which include individual counseling, spiritual group teachings and a soul-centered
map Soul Energy Healing, Niwot, Colorado, 80503

Articles By Nancy Wunderlich

Improve and Enrich Your Relationship

Improve and Enrich Your Relationship

Are you feeling tired and frustrated by the same relationship issues that may have come up throughout ...
Lesley Goth, Psychologist

Lesley Goth

Lesley is a certified EMDR therapist. She helps adolescents and adults with all types of emotional issues, and supports them in finding true intimacy in their
map 13654 Xavier Ln, Broomfield, Colorado, 80023

Articles By Lesley Goth

Going Beyond Love: How to Nurture True Intimacy in Relationships

Going Beyond Love: How to Nurture True Intimacy in Relationships

You may have struggled in a relationship and thought that the love between you is simply not enough to ...
Menopause And My Marriage

Menopause And My Marriage

I hate menopause! But then, I also kind of love it. Sure, menopause is a bitch. I m grumpy, bloated, ...
Krista Curl, Psychologist

Krista Curl

Krista is a therapist with the Interpersonal Healing Clinic. She works with families, couples, and children with anxiety, depression, and relationships. She works with
map Interpersonal Healing Clinic, 1006 Depot Hill Rd Ste D, Broomfield, Colorado, 80020

Articles By Krista Curl

Being Whole: Are You Complete on Your Own?

Being Whole: Are You Complete on Your Own?

Often, when folks come to me for marriage counseling, I will request a couple sessions with both partners ...
Janelle Johnson, Licensed Professional Counselor

Janelle Johnson
Licensed Professional Counselor

Janelle is an experienced Licensed Professional Counselor, she established Life Balance Counseling private practice in Aurora, Colorado August 2011. She works with a vast
map 3190 S. Vaughn Way Suite 550, Aurora, Colorado, 80014

Articles By Janelle Johnson

How To Help Your Partner Deal With Demise Of Someone Close

How To Help Your Partner Deal With Demise Of Someone Close

When your spouse has faced a significant loss, death of someone close to their heart, it is very natural ...
Boundaries in Blended Families

Boundaries in Blended Families

Consistent blended family rules within families and during transitions set a precedence of what is normal, ...
Dr. Lisa Templeton, Psychologist

Dr. Lisa Templeton

Dr. Lisa Templeton is a licensed clinical psychologist practicing in Denver/Boulder, Colorado. Lisa finished her Ph.D. in clinical psychology in 2003 with a focus on
map 1006 Depot Hill Rd. Suites C, D,& E, Broomfield, Colorado, 80020
Kaley Chiles, Counselor

Kaley Chiles

Kaley is a clinician specializing in trauma and addictions. She works with people struggling with addiction issues. She diagnoses and helps her clients overcome problems
map 7710 North Union Blvd, Ste 100B, Colorado, 80920