Signs Your Vacation Romance is Meant to Last

Signs Your Vacation Romance is Meant to Last

Can a vacation romance really last? Accepted wisdom says no. Take a vacation romance and add in bills, commutes to work on cold days, and the stresses of your normal life, and it will fizzle out like the candles you lit that night on the beach.

But do vacation romances always have to end?

While it’s true that many vacation romances are best left to those summer nights, some of them can turn into something more serious – just ask Sandy and Danny from Grease!

Check out these signs that your vacation romance is actually meant to last.

You met accidentally

Vacations are a great chance for some low-pressure fun and flirting. There’s nothing wrong with that if you go into it with your eyes open, and you’re upfront with your partners that you’re not looking for anything serious.

Chances are though that when you set out to find something casual, you’ll meet other people who want the same thing. It’s fun – but it doesn’t set you up for a serious relationship.

If on the other hand you meet them while you were both waiting to book a place on a boat trip round the harbor or deciding what to pick from a delicious local seafood menu, there’s more chance of it turning into something serious.

If you weren’t looking for a anything, but you just met and clicked naturally, your relationship might be meant to last.

You want the same things

Being on vacation is a lot of fun. The most serious decision you need to make together is where to eat that night or which cocktail to try first. But what about back in the real world? How do your future hopes and plans gel?

If you both have a passion for traveling, a longing to live an artist’s life in that one city you’ve always wanted to move to, or a dream of 2.5 kids and a cozy house in the suburbs, you’re off to a good start.

Shared goals for the future are a sign that once the vacation is over, you’ll still have a lot in common. It’s not just about goals, either. Take a look at your core values and see how much you have in common – if you find a lot of shared ground, this could just be something special.

You want the same things

You felt comfortable straight away

Many vacation romances that turn into something more start off with that unmistakable “click”. From the moment you met, you could talk about anything and everything. You laughed at the same things. You just knew that they got you.

If spending time together feels completely natural even though you barely knew each other, pay attention. If you find you don’t mind letting your goofy side out around them, or you don’t care if your hair isn’t perfect, that’s a good sign that you mesh well together.

Feeling like you’ve already known each other forever is a good early indicator that there could be a real spark between the two of you.

You’re already paying attention to each other

Actions really do speak louder than words, and that’s true when it comes to vacation romances, too.

Did they remember your favorite drink after just one order? Did you go back and buy them that one special souvenir you know they really wanted? Do you take the time to check in with how the other is doing?

If you’re already taking note of what matters, how they feel and what they want, then you already have a caring connection. That can be a powerful foundation for something that lasts beyond the final hotel check out.

You enjoy each other’s company

Genuinely enjoying each other’s company is vital for any relationship to thrive. There’s nothing wrong with appreciating their beach-tanned physique or striking blue eyes, but finding them easy on the eye isn’t the foundation of a long term relationship.

Many vacation romances are built around flirting and sex. It’s great fun, and sometimes that’s just what you want from a holiday fling. But sometimes there’s more. You find you can talk all night. You love being with them even if you’re doing something simple like laying by the pool. You can lapse into a comfortable silence and just enjoy watching the ocean or exploring the local town together.

If you genuinely like who they are and what they stand for, you might just have the beginnings of something special. If being around them really lights you up no matter what you’re doing, chances are you’ll be great together when you get back to normality, too.

Vacation romances don’t have to end when you pack your luggage to go home. If you’ve got a real connection and more than just your vacation in common, why not talk to them about rekindling the flame after you go home? You might just find yourself with an unforgettable souvenir!

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