Warning Signs of a Toxic Person

Warning Signs of a Toxic Person

“Toxic is very relative perception. In fact, it may be less about having a ‘toxic partner’ and more about conflicting survival strategies in the wake of broken or inconsistent childhood relationships,” – McAllister

Here are some warning Signs of a Toxic Person

1. Toxic people talk more than they listen

A toxic person in a relationship is the one that wants to be heard, he or she is the one that wants people to listen to him or her. But he or she is not calm enough to listen to the thoughts and ideas of the other partner in the relationship.

A major characteristic is that someone is toxic is that they are unable to hold a normal conversation. A big red flag to always avoid is when someone talks way more than they listen or if they don’t really listen at all.

2. A toxic person or partner lies to you

Toxic people don’t tell the truth to your face rather they take a pleasure in telling lies to you. They are the ones that will act like things are good but deep down in them; they know they are lying to you. They will look you straight in the eye and lie to you without any remorse.

Toxic people do not only lie blatantly, but they also make up stories, create variations from the truth and they are also habitual of omitting critical facts as well. They are cannot to be trusted or relied upon for advice or for opinions on the decision you make. You should always avoid them .

3. They talk bad or ill of others

Do you know someone that talks badly or gossip about others behind their back? It is a big red flag when you have someone that talks bad about others at their backs. Toxic people are also insure people that only make themselves feel better by talking bad about other people when they are not there. You should be certain that whosoever talks bad or negative about other people at their backs are going to talk badly about you behind your back.

In summary, toxic people are backbiters and they should be avoided totally.

4. They don’t take responsibility for their actions

When you have someone that plays the victim or tries to put the blame for their actions, it is a clear indication that the person is toxic. They seem to always blame their own mistakes on others or the situation. A lack of personal responsibility is a big sign of toxicity. A toxic person says “he caused It”, “she is the reason I couldn’t meet up”, due to my elder brother’s grandson sickness”, and so on.

Be cautious, toxic people can be quite convincing and persuading.

5. They are selfish

Toxic persons are too busy thinking of what will benefit them alone and rarely showing concern for others. They don’t care about your wellbeing. They are selfish and self-concerned. All they think about Is – me, myself and I alone.

Toxic people really don’t have any concern for your feelings, and feel no need to take how you feel or how you will feel into consideration. And worryingly, this often demonstrates itself in control. They care about how they feel, what they want to do, what their needs are, and will happily manipulate and use you to make sure their needs and wants are met.

6. They are dramatic

When you are in a relationship with a toxic person, there is always drama and confusion involved. Toxic people enjoy the attention and sympathy they get from you that’s why they dramatize some ill-luck stories like they were jumped, their clothes were lost by the dry cleaner, their best friend runs off with their husband and other unfortunate stories.

You will often find that a toxic person thrives on being dramatic, and will dwell and emphasize excessively on any negative experience that befalls them.

They always enjoy the attention, empathy and sympathy they get from you and you should try by all means to avoid them.

7. They are negative

One of the big red flags of a toxic person is the negativity in them which can be expressed by the way they think, the way they talk, the way they handle situations and the energy around them.

Toxic people should however not be confused with realists as we all know realists have been falsely tagged with negativity. Here the negativity involves many factors such as being overly sarcastic, constantly complaining and bugging, whining, and most of all, judging people and situations. They are pessimists; they don’t see a solution or any opportunity around them.

8. They are always right, never wrong

They always see themselves as the master of all, the one who knows all therefore they don’t admit they are wrong. They don’t admit they have made mistakes rather they look for unrealistic proofs and fake evidence to prove you wrong.

If someone can simply not accept the fact that they are not right all the time, no matter how much evidence or proof you have against them, then it is a sign that he or she is a toxic person.

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