10 Life Lessons on How to End a Toxic Relationship

10 Life Lessons on How to End a Toxic Relationship

Someone said it right ‘Relationship is a gamble these days.’ We are living in a world where everyone has two lives – one social media and other the true face. Maximum of us have mastered the art to fake things to an extent that we sometimes start living it until someone peeps inside us.  

It’s difficult to say how a person would turn up until one actually get involved with them. What if you land up in a toxic relationship?

It’s a difficult situation since you’re in love and can’t detach yourself from them whereas it’s difficult to be in such a relationship. Listed below are some easy steps on how to end a toxic relationship without feeling guilty and peacefully.

1.Accept the toxic relationship

Acceptance is the key to every solution.

Unless you accept the fact, nothing and no one can help you. So, foremost, accept that you’re in a toxic relationship. You might not realize it but people around you would surely do. Listen to them and seek their advice on whether you’re in one such relationship or not.

The sooner you would know about it the sooner you would be able to get out of it. With time, the attachment will strengthen and it may lead to a difficult goodbye.

2.Keeping an emotional log

The second step on how to end a toxic relationship is to keep an emotional log.

Maintain a record of times and situations wherein your significant other has let you down or have made you feel emotionally weak.

This will give you insight on how much the other person is causing emotional pain to you and hence will make it easy for you exit that relationship, peacefully and without any guilt.

3.Surround yourself with positive people

A toxic relationship can drain your energy and can even leave in self-doubt. The negativity increases to an extent that you feel negative most of the times of the day. It’s suggested to surround yourself with positive people.

They will uplift your mood and keep you happy helping you to find a better side of life. Again, the better you feel the better decision you would be able to take.

4.Benefits of ending the relationship

Once you’ve identified if you’re in a toxic relationship, have maintained an emotional log and have gotten back your confidence by surrounding yourself with positive people, it’s time to look at the bright side of ending it.

In the process to how to end a toxic relationship, it is necessary that you analyze the benefits you would attain once you’re out of it.

This will give you a push to actually move out of it as soon as possible.

5.Express  yourself

One of the most prominent things observed that those who are the victim of a toxic relationship detach themselves from people around and stop sharing their feelings. It’s necessary that you are vocal about it and are sharing your feeling and thoughts with your close friends.

They will act as an emotional anchor to you and will help you come out of it in the easiest way possible.

6.Nothing is going to change

Nothing is going to change

Yes! It’s obvious to have the last hope that your partner may change or may realize their mistake and might alter their behavior towards you. Honestly, it’s most unlikely to happen. People don’t change overnight and sometimes it’s difficult to get rid of a habit. So, it’s a must that you make peace with the fact that nothing is going to change.

Once you’ve made a peace with it, it will be easy for you to make an exit from the toxic relationship.

7.Cry your heart out

Ending something beautiful on a bad note will surely hurt you.

It’s always better to mourn on the end of the toxic relationship than to keep the pain hidden inside and pretend things are normal. The soon you put this out the sooner you will heal from it. Hence, cry your heart out and throw out the pain as your toxic relationship proceeds towards the end.

8.Spend time with yourself

It’s not easy to start something afresh soon after ending a toxic relationship. Lot of them might want to know how to end a toxic relationship but the journey never ends by simply walking out of it.

There are a few steps further until you rediscover yourself and analyze where things went wrong. Spend some time with yourself and see how things took a bad turn. Learn a lesson and step towards a better life.

9.Involve yourself in some activity

There will be void space in your life soon when the toxic relationship. That emptiness will surely eat you up slowly and might pull you back into negative thought if you don’t fill it with some activity.

Get involved in some physical activity or follow a hobby. This way you would not only learn something new but would successfully fill in the empty space with something productive.

10.Meet new people

This might seem the hard thing to do but it’s necessary. You should start meeting new people, attend new events and travel around. This way you would be able to put your learning into action and would be able to see if you’re a good observant or not.

Learning from mistakes only help you move ahead in life.