7 Qualities Strong Women Look for in a Man

7 qualities strong women look for in a man

Are you tired of dating hot-house lilies, women who seem incapable of being strong and independent?  Do you dream of attracting a strong, self-confident woman, one with whom you feel like an equal rather than a “white knight”?  

If this sounds like you, here are some traits that strong women look for in a man. Read on and educate yourself so that the next woman you date is the type you like:  headstrong, perhaps, but interesting, certainly!

1. A confident man is a sexy man

Strong women naturally gravitate to men who give off an aura of knowing their own worth

Most men think that they need to be a super-model to attract a strong woman.  But in fact, if you ask these women what they find attractive in a man, one of the first things they will tell you is that they like a man who projects an air of self-confidence.  

Indeed, a man might just be average looking, but if he walks into the room like he owns the place, he gets noticed.  

Strong women naturally gravitate to men who give off an aura of knowing their own worth, so if your sense of self-needs working on, you will want to start believing in your own value and showing that side to the world at large.  

No woman wants to have to constantly prop up her man’s self-esteem.  As one woman told us, “My husband may not be the most handsome man in the room to others, but he thinks that he is, so I do, too.”

2. Kind and thoughtful

Strong women are used to doing things on their own and taking care of their own needs.  But that is not to say they don’t need a significant other, and especially one who lets them know that they can be depended upon to have their back.  

So don’t neglect the thoughtful gestures and kind words when wooing a strong woman.  

She may appear to not “need” these, but they will count a lot for her.  Roses, chocolates, a silly card, a post-it with a love message, or just a great cup of coffee made for her and placed on her desk while she is busily working…all of these thoughtful acts will draw her closer to you and remind her that no matter how independent she is, it is nice to have a partner who is lying to her yang.

3. Be funny

Strong women go for funny men

Strong women go for funny men.  You can’t be funny without being smart, and they like intelligence, too.  

So all those little side jokes that drive your friends into peals of laughter, use them liberally with your strong-willed sweetie.  

She will eat it up like sugar.  

As the French say, “Make a girl laugh and she’s halfway in your bed.”

4. Don’t play games

Other women may tolerate the game playing because they think that is just part of being in a relationship.  A strong woman won’t stand for it. So if you delay answering her text because you think it gives you the upper hand in the relationship, or you consistently arrive late to your dates with her, or you are evasive when she asks you certain questions, forget dating the strong woman.  

She won’t put up with any game playing.

The great thing is she doesn’t play games, either.  She’s genuine and authentic. What you see is what you get.

5. Be your own cheerleader

Strong women go for equals.  She doesn’t want the role of being your mother or cheerleader.

She wants her man to be as self-driven and ambitious as she is, without the need for someone standing in the sidelines cheering them on.  

This doesn’t mean she won’t ever give you a listening ear should you need a sounding board to work out a problem or issue.  But if you need someone to constantly reassure you that you are doing a good job, don’t try and attract a strong woman. It won’t work.  

Again, confidence is what she is looking for in her man.

6. Listening skills

These women will not tolerate a partner who is too busy, too distracted to tune into them when they are sharing something.  If she senses your phone’s messages are more important to read than giving her your full attention when she is talking, you will not be dating her for long.  

One of the most flattering things you can do for a strong woman is really heard what she has to say and retain it.  So the next time she starts sharing something with you—whether it be about her day or her life—open your ears, look her in the eye, and give her all your attention.  

Let her know you have heard her by nodding your head, saying “go on”, and then coming back with a couple of questions related to what she has just told you.  

She’ll love you for it; so many men don’t offer the gift of truly listening to their partner.

7. Be passionate and be adventurous

Strong women don’t go for the meek, milquetoast man.  They want a man with deep passions, a man willing to venture out of his comfort zone to keep the relationship dynamic and get all out of life that he can.  

She is like that herself and needs a match for her passions and adventurous spirit.  

So share with her your outlandish but interesting hobbies, and propose challenging and exciting things to do together.  This is not your average woman, content to binge watch Netflix over the weekend. She wants to go spear-fishing, run a marathon, and try to hang gliding.  Strong women tend to be adrenaline-junkies, so make sure you are too if this is the kind of woman who turns you on.