What Type Of Woman Are You Quiz?

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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 621 | Updated: Jun 23, 2022
 What Type Of Woman Are You Quiz?

There are all kinds of women trying to make it on their own like you. However, we are only getting to discover women and their ongoing battles against patriarchy. So all women have the right to be their own women in their unique ways. Your uniqueness lies in how you perceive the world. The paths might be different, but the destination is the same, which is liberation. 

If you are at the crossroads of life where you are still figuring out the type of woman you are, then this What Type of Woman Are You Quiz will help you.

Questions Excerpt

1. Are you a good public speaker?

A. Yes, I am

B. No, I am not

C. I think so

2. Do you like your job?

A. Yes, I do

B. No, I don’t

C. I am not sure

3. How do you react in a stressful situation?

A. Badly

B. Calmly

C. I get stressed too

4. Did you have a good childhood?

A. Yes, I did

B. I don’t think I did

C. No, I did not

5. Are you a good secret keeper?

A. Yes, I am

B. I am known for that

C. No, I am not

6. Do you easily make friends?

A. Yes, I am very friendly

B. I am a bit reserved

C. I don’t easily make friends

7. Do you lead a healthy lifestyle?

A. Yes, I live healthy

B. I live a fairly healthy lifestyle

C. I am working on that aspect

8. How often do you date?

A. Quite often

B. Fairly often

C. Not often

9. What do you want from a relationship?

A. Tranquility

B. Fun

C. Commitment

10. Do you want kids in the future?

A. I am not sure

B. Yes, I do

C. No, I don’t

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