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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 725
 Are You a High Value Woman Quiz?

Discover your worth and strengths with our quiz 'Are you a high value woman?'
Embrace your unique qualities and find out if you embody the traits of a confident, empowered woman who knows what she wants.
Whether it's knowing your boundaries and self-worth or embracing self-love, this quiz will shed light on your high value and inspire you on your journey to a fulfilling life. Let's dive in and celebrate the incredible woman you are!

Questions Excerpt

1. What would you do If someone made a hurtful comment about you?

A. Confront the person

B. Ignore the person

C. Continue the conversation in a non-hurtful way

2. What does exercise mean to you?

A. Staying healthy and keeping a positive outlook

B. Exercising isn’t really important

C. Important for looking good

3. What do you do if you accidentally cause damage to a friend’s item?

A. I’ll tell the friend what happened

B. I’ll tell them that someone broke it

C. I’ll do nothing and hopefully the person doesn’t mind it

4. What would you do if your best coworker is dressed inappropriately to an event?

A. Inform them of the appropriate dress code

B. Tell the others of how inappropriate they're dressed

C. Drop them hints that they need to change

5. What would you do if your guy starts calling less or texts you less?

A. Let him know you’ve noticed the lack of communication and ask why

B. Let him know you’ve noticed the lack of communication and start fighting with him

C. Don’t worry about it and watch to see how things unfold

6. How much do you know about life skills and values?

A. A whole lot

B. Nothing

C. A little bit

7. Do you consider yourself precious and rare?

A. Yes

B. No

C. I'm not sure

8. When do you think it is okay for your boyfriend/girlfriend to hit you?

A. It’s never okay

B. Sometimes

C. Only when I deserve it

9. What do you do when someone you’re supervising makes a grave mistake?

A. Listen to them and let them know how that can’t happen again

B. Let them and everyone know that is unacceptable

C. Tell them they’re lucky that they didn’t get into trouble

10. What do you do when you’re informed that someone has been bad-mouthing you?

A. Let them know of what you’ve heard and confirm the truth

B. Confront them and ask them to shut their mouth

C. Nothing. If they didn’t say it to me then it's cool

11. How do you react to receiving a compliment?

A. Gracefully accept it

B. Brush it off or redirect attention

C. Feel uncomfortable and unsure how to respond

12. How do you handle conflicts with friends?

A. Address the issue calmly and seek resolution

B. Avoid confrontation or gossip about it

C. Hope the problem resolves on its own

13. What's your approach to setting personal goals?

A. Set clear goals and work diligently to achieve them

B. Don't prioritize goals or unsure about what I want

C. Set some goals but don't actively pursue them

14. How do you respond to feedback or criticism?

A. Welcome feedback and use it for self-improvement

B. Get defensive or dismiss the criticism

C. Feel hurt by criticism and avoid addressing it

15. How do you handle your emotions during challenging times?

A. Acknowledge emotions and find healthy ways to cope

B. Suppress emotions or become overwhelmed

C. Avoid confronting emotions and pretend everything is fine

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