How to Deal With Physical Insecurities In A Relationship

How to Deal With Physical Insecurities In A Relationship

Everybody has got some sort of insecurities when it comes to being in a relationship. Some have emotional insecurities, while others may suffer from physical insecurities.

Physical insecurities occur when someone is constantly under the impression that they have a lot of flaws in their appearance. Moreover, a sense of paranoia or a lack of trust regarding your partner may continually haunt you. Also, you might feel easily jealous when your partner talks casually with someone of the opposite gender.

The question is, how can you overcome them in order to continue a healthy relationship with your partner?

Following are tips and advice on how to get rid of such physical insecurities.

Find out the source of your anxiety

It is not a surprise that anxiety often leads to destructive ends. In a relationship, the main cause of your insecurity could be your anxiety. Are you worrying unnecessarily about your partner’s conducts? Or is there really something that is making you feel insecure?

You need to figure out an answer. And if there is something your partner has done, then talk it out with them. Sort out the problems in order to have a happy relationship.

Stop being paranoid

This is the first step in gaining your partner’s trust.

You need to show that you have a firm trust in your partner and that you know that they will not do anything that could make you upset.

Do not constantly annoy them by questioning them about their whereabouts or by going through their cell phones.

Recognize your qualities

Each person has their own traits and qualities. Similarly, you should be confident about yourself, your appearance, and your body. Even for a moment never have doubts that you lack something or you do not look appealing enough for your partner.

It is important that you change your way of thinking and appreciate the qualities you possess, instead of being shy about them.

This way, your feelings of physical insecurity towards your partner will be lessened.

Stop comparing yourself

Stop comparing yourself

Comparison always results in a lack of self-confidence in a person.

Believe that you are beautiful in your own way possible. Do not always seek out for your partner’s reassurance.

You must believe that every aspect of who you are is the best.

Build self-trust

In a relationship, it is necessary that you trust yourself with everything you do. Do not take it this way that your partner may stop liking you or regret having you if you do something against their will. No, you do not need to be that insecure. Both the partners must keep in mind that each individual has the right to choose their path of life. Even after marriage, your partner has no right to control you.

Talk to a close friend

If nothing seems to work out, then, you can open your heart out in front of someone you trust deeply. It could be your friend, parents, or a relative.

Tell them how you feel a sense of insecurity while you are with your partner and how it is affecting your relationship. Let them know about the things bothering you.

Consequently, you may end up receiving a life-changing suggestion from them.  Hence, do not pent everything up inside and let it all out. It may be effective.

Pen everything down

Yes, you read that right. And no, it does not feel weird but is considered as one of the ways to cope with physical insecurities. At the day’s end, write down everything that bothered you regarding your partner throughout the day. This may sound childish at first, but it truly works wonders.

As you jot down your thoughts and emotions, you are emptying your mind of them. Later when you read them, you will know exactly what you did wrong. You will realize that your reactions were not appropriate and what you thought was not exactly true. Therefore, this way you will begin to develop trust towards your partner.