7 Married Life Predictions That Tell if Your Marriage Will Last

Here are a few telltale factors that experts say will make your marriage a success

When heading down the alter or saying ‘I do’, many couples would love the opportunity to have married life predictions made about their future. Will they be happy? Will their marriage be a success? But such statements can hardly be made about a couple – or can they?

Some believe that certain personality traits, relationship behaviors, or even your birth date can determine whether or not you and your spouse will live a long and happy life together.

Can you sum up the future of your relationship with married life predictions? Not exactly. But there are a few telltale factors that experts say will make your marriage a success.

Here are 7 signs that your marriage is going to last

1. You know how to communicate

Partners who have excellent married life predictions are often those who know how to communicate openly with one another. You’ve likely heard that good communication is one of the most important aspects of a healthy married life.

Couples who do not communicate regularly are more prone to disagreements and arguments because they have not made their needs known or have not clarified. On the other hand, communicating with your spouse can help you avoid unnecessary arguments, resentments or stonewalling since it lets both partners know exactly what the issue at hand is.

Communication also builds trust in a relationship, since each spouse knows the other isn’t afraid to talk honestly with them.

2. You have fun together

Audrey Hepburn was once quoted as saying “I honestly think it’s the thing I like most, to laugh. It cures a multitude of ills. It’s probably the most important thing in a person.” While laughter probably isn’t’ the most important thing in most relationships, it definitely has power behind it.

Laughter is a natural mood enhancer that lowers anxiety and stress, making it the perfect indicator of whether or not your relationship is going to be happy and relaxed or a nerve-racking mess.

Being playful and having a sense of humor is a positive dynamic in a romantic relationship.

Being playful and having a sense of humor is a positive dynamic in a romantic relationship

3. They’re your go-to person

When something good happens, the first person you want to celebrate with is your spouse. You know that they aren’t going to be jealous or skeptical of your great news – they’re going to be overjoyed!

If you get a gift card or receive an invitation to an upcoming event, your spouse is the first person on your list to take. You put them before anyone else and the most definitely top the list of people you want to spend your time with.

Similarly, when there is bad news or unfortunate circumstances in your life, you can’t think of anyone who could comfort you more than your partner. When you are with the right person, this is not a conversation you will dread having, it’s a conversation you desire to have. Even if the news will hurt them or reveals a wrongdoing on your part.

4. You forgive and forget

Too many couples lose their way by holding onto old grudges and resentment. Smart couples know that forgiving and forgetting are all part of the deal. Instead of holding onto a problem, a phrase, or an act done against them, a spouse will let go of the issue once it has been dealt with. Happy couples also learn to reconnect after an argument to make the process of forgiveness that much easier.

. Smart couples know that forgiving and forgetting are all part of the deal

5. Date night is a staple

Marital satisfaction increases when couples spend their leisure time together. That’s why couples with a happily married life prediction don’t skimp on date night. This standing date, done one or more times a month, is a great way for couples to spend time together. Date night gives couples the opportunity to plan special events or to surprise their spouses with things they might like. It’s a night where they can go back to how it was when they were first dating and build up some sexual chemistry. To get to know one another all over again.

Having a regularly scheduled date night is about keeping your love alive. It’s also great for parents with small children who are looking to spend some alone time together where they can actually give one another their undivided attention. Making your partner a priority in your life is a huge factor in whether or not your relationship is going to work out.

6. You know how to fight fair

Disagreements are bound to happen in any marriage, but it’s how you handle them that will speak volumes about your relationship. Happy couples respectfully discuss problems and use arguments as a motivator for solving the problem.

Those who fight fair do not withdraw or downplay an issue. Instead, they listen patiently, show respect, stay on topic, and aren’t afraid to apologize if they are in the wrong (and sometimes even if they’re not.)

Unhappy couples use an argument as an opportunity to verbally attack one another’s character, resort to name-calling, bring up hurtful experiences from the past, and are more focused on berating their spouse than resolving their issues.

Those who fight fair do not withdraw or downplay an issue

7. You like your spouse

In an ideal world, your marriage partner is also your best friend. This is also a statistic that works as a positive happily married life prediction. It practically goes without saying that if you married your partner, odds are you love them. But the telltale signs of staying together is when couples actually like each other. This means you’re not just romantic partners – you’re friends, too.

Lust and infatuations can go through ebbs and flows in a marriage, sometimes even fading away, but so long as you genuinely enjoy one another’s company then you’ll always have each other.

When you are married to the right person, your relationship just works. Married life predictions may not always be on the nose, but by making one another a priority, being supportive, practising honest communication, and fighting fair, you’ll certainly give your marriage a sure shot at success.