10 Ways to Have a Healthy Sexual Relationship

Healthy Sexual relationship

All couples have different libidos, sexual preferences, kinks, and tastes. This makes it fun, and sometimes challenging, to find a rhythm that works. Having a healthy sexual relationship involves more than being intimate frequently or reaching orgasm. Feeling safe, confident, and loved are all contributing factors to having a fantastic sexual relationship.

Finding the perfect emotional and physical balance with your spouse is a reason to celebrate. After all, it isn’t easy to find someone who satisfies your every desire in and out of the bedroom.

Here are 10 ways to create a healthy sexual relationship:

1. Demonstrate love and trust

Having satisfying sex is the key to a healthy sexual relationship. Both partners should always put in the effort to make sure the other has a satisfying sexual experience and should strive to make one another climax.

When you and your spouse have a great marriage that is full of love, affection, and trust, it translates to the bedroom. Your spouse should make you feel sexy, loved, and respected both in and outside of your sex life.

2. Be together regularly

Happy couples should be having sex regularly to maintain a great connection. Take note that having a great sexual relationship doesn’t mean that you need to be having sex all week long. If your average sexual routine means being intimate once a week or only on weekends, that’s fantastic. Just make sure that you are alone together regularly.

It is important to engage in intimate activity with your partner, both mentally and physically. By having satisfying sex with your spouse regularly, you grow closer together and strengthen your emotional bond. Sex also allows you to de-stress and let go of your inhibitions.

3. Be confident

Easier said than done, right? Being confident is key to really being able to let go and appreciate your sexual relationship. When you feel loved and appreciated by your partner, you will feel more free and uninhibited in the bedroom. You aren’t embarrassed about your body or any noises that might happen during lovemaking because you trust your spouse. This means being together with the lights on, fully undressed.

Be confident

4. Not threatened by your spouse’s ex

Jealousy is natural in relationships. After all, if you love your partner you hardly want to imagine them being intimate with someone else. However, there is healthy jealousy and unhealthy jealousy.

Being in a happy sexual relationship means you are not threatened by your spouse’s ex or what their sex life used to be like. Instead, you are confident that you and your spouse love one another and enjoy your time alone together.

5. Be respectful

If your spouse isn’t into something that you find exciting, be respectful. You should never try to persuade or coerce your spouse into doing something they aren’t comfortable with. Communicating openly with your partner about your sexual relationship, expectations, and desires will help you both stay respectful of one another’s boundaries.

6. Say what you mean

You want your partner to please you and vice versa, but you can’t do that unless you both know what the other one likes. Having great sex in your marriage means figuring each other out. This is done through trial and error as well as with honest communication.

Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want between the sheets. Both parties should be willing to open up about their sexual desires, needs, and fantasies. There should be no judgement during this conversation. Not only does this lead to a more satisfying sexual relationship, it also builds trust between partners.

7. Even when it’s awkward

One great trait of a healthy sexual relationship is communicating, even when it’s uncomfortable. If something isn’t working in bed, tell your partner about it. Be gentle, playful, and lighthearted about the subject matter. You don’t want to do anything that will stumble or offend your spouse.

8. Schedule sex

A common problem in long-term relationships comes from not making time for sex. Scheduling sex doesn’t sound very romantic, but for couples who are both working full-time or raising children, it’s necessary.

Don’t view scheduling sex as clinical. Make it fun! Create an evening full of seduction to entice both of you into the bedroom. You can also take turns planning what kind of sensual evening you will have so that both partners have a say in how the seduction takes place.

When practised regularly, scheduled sex will be something you look forward to, not just something to strike off the calendar.

Schedule sex

9. Try new things

One sign of a healthy sexual relationship is that you are both willing to try new things together. Instead of being threatened by the idea of bringing something into the bedroom, you embrace them.

Ideas for new things include using toys, trying new techniques, shared erotica, touching yourself in front of your mate, dirty talk, or having ‘naughty’ packages delivered monthly.Couples grow closer together when they try new things, both in and outside of their sex lives. Trying new things is great for long-term sexual relationships since it embraces new passions, breaks up the everyday routines, and helps prevent bedroom boredom.

10. Always have a plan

One great way to have a healthy sexual relationship is to make time for your emotional and physical needs while one of you is gone. If you or your partner goes out of town, have a plan ready for intimacy.

Take advantage of video chat, dirty talk, and dirty texts. This adventurous behavior makes both partners feel like they are still a priority, even when they can’t be in the same room together.


Do you have a healthy sexual relationship? Showing your partner respect, sharing fantasies, and having a regular sexual check-in will help you and your spouse connect on a deeper level. You and your mate can have a regular, satisfying sexual relationship by keeping your lines of communication open, indulging one another’s fantasies, and always making time for one another.