Healthy Relationship Quiz- Can Your Marriage Be Termed As 'Healthy'?

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 23
Healthy Relationship Quiz- Can Your Marriage Be Termed As u2018Healthyu2019?
A marriage that is healthy and exudes happiness isn’t necessarily one that is void of disagreements.  It is a relationship that has found a way to weather storms as a team in adverse situations together.   Often, healthy marriages are built on love, mutual respect, effective communication, and understanding. These marriages aren’t built in heaven as some may suggest, but by partners Read more who have kept themselves abreast with the knowledge that makes a relationship stay healthy. The key to a healthy marriage is that both parties must be willing to put in the effort required to prevail against marriage killers. Understanding that the psychology of a man and woman are different is one reason every marriage would strive to know more about why their significant other acts the way they do. Healthy marriages don’t just happen; they are a result of deliberate effort from the parties involved. How do you know if you are in a healthy marriage? Here are a couple of questions that would help you figure it out. Read less

Questions Excerpt

1. How do you both satisfy yourselves sexually?

A. We just have sex, we don’t really have time to invest in love making

B. We make love with both of us actively participating in the process

C. We have sex sparingly

D. We haven't had sex in a while

2. What happens after having sex?

A. We hastily get up and have a shower and get on to our businesses

B. We take time to communicate so as to ensure we are both satisfied and discuss other ways we could make the process more eventful

C. Awkward most times

D. We just gaze at the ceiling

3. Do you have an orgasm during sex?

A. Sometimes, when we aren't too much in a hurry

B. Always, as that's the core of our lovemaking

C. Never, especially because my mind isn't always involved in the process

D. What's that again?

4. How effectively do you communicate?

A. Not very effectively because of our very busy schedule

B. Very effectively, we talk about virtually anything

C. When we want to communicate about anything, it turns into a fight

D. We don't see the need to communicate effectively

5. How do you both handle finance?

A. We both keep our financial dealings private; contributing our part of any running cost as the need arises

B. We understand that it's a very vital part of our marriage; hence, we operate on a very open policy in this regard

C. We have serious issues with debt

D. We haven't figured that out yet

6. How often do you attend functions together?

A. We both operate a tight ship; hence attend functions separately

B. We try attending functions as a couple; however, if it isn't convenient for us both, we discuss it

C. Most outings turn out a disaster, so I did rather go to an event alone.

D. Most times, one of us represents - that's if you even get to know about the event

7. Do you create time for yourselves?

A. We try to from time to time, when we aren't on business trips

B. It's absolutely part of our routine- we even go out on a date at least once a week and create lots of occasion to play and keep bonding.

C. Only when we want to have sex

D. No special time, we just see ourselves when we see

8. Do you have your roles clearly defined?

A. Not really, we just delegate responsibilities as they come. There are usually conflict from time to time, but we get past it

B. Understanding role-play and implementing it, has made us both responsible

C. I do practically everything, if I don't, no one else would- exhausting, but I'm surviving

D. I just do the bit I can and leave the rest

9. How do you handle in-laws when they visit?

A. They are welcome but we may not really be there for them - tight schedule

B. We try to alter our schedules a little bit to fit them in- they are family

C. They aren't welcome, extra expenses. We can't afford it.

D. They are not really my business, I am responsible for my own family members

10. How do you resolve conflict?

A. We make up after a while by going out on dates and then talk about, apologizing to each other as well

B. We have a strict policy in our marriage never to carry an altercation over to a new day; hence we always resolve every issue before sealing our night with a kiss

C. We don't ever talk about it, but show we are sorry by being polite afterwards

D. We don't ever talk about it, we just live with it and then it passes

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