Marriage Intimacy Tips to Help You Both Come Closer

Marriage Intimacy Tips

Many of us hear intimacy and immediately think of sex. Sex is a big factor in intimacy between married partners but non-sexual intimacy is equally significant. In fact, when there are marriage intimacy problems present, the way to fix those issues is addressing both non-sexual and sexual intimacy. Doing so is a well-rounded approach that results in a very refreshing outcome that gives the marriage new life. Find some great tips to improve marriage intimacy below.

Non-sexual marriage intimacy tips

Create an intimate space

Improved marital intimacy begins by creating an intimate space. Married couples, especially those with children, do not get the amount of privacy desired. Couples want to be alone every once in a while to wind down and appreciate each other’s company. They want to talk without editing themselves, take in each other’s energy and perhaps, cuddle without being disturbed. Even if creating that intimate space requires work, do it. Get up early in the morning if you have to, stay up late on the weekends to spend quality time or head back home during lunch hour to enjoy a quiet house and a quick bite together. Be creative.

Be open with your love

There is no reason to hide your love and warmth from family, friends or your children. Closeness is wonderful and keeps the intimacy alive! Never be afraid to show affection. Hug, hold hands, put your arm around your spouse, give each other that special look and exchange smiles. Compliments are also very impactful. Display of love sends a positive message to anyone that witnesses them.

Have a discussion about needs

Couples must discuss individual needs at some point. When the two of you are alone and relaxing, start an open discussion about what each other needs are to remain happy and fulfilled in the relationship along with ways those needs can be met. Such a discussion will open eyes by helping couples understand one another. Some individuals crave quality time, others want more affection while some need a little more support. Along with learning what each other’s needs are, couples benefit from communicating openly and honestly. Discussing the relationship and showing interest in the happiness of your spouse increases intimacy. You may never know if you don’t talk about it. You can start the conversation by asking, “Is there anything I can do to make you happier in this marriage?” or “Do you have any emotional needs I am not fulfilling?”

Sexual marriage intimacy tips

Marriage intimacy problems usually surround what is or isn’t happening in the bedroom. The non-sexual tips discussed will improve your sex life since partners are better able to connect physically when both are mentally and emotionally fulfilled. Addressing the non-sexual portion is the way to start but there are additional steps to take.


Find them below:

Commit to a challenge

Those wanting to know how to increase marital intimacy should start by doing the opposite of what is not working. Those with this issue are likely not connecting as much as they should physically. Challenge one another to have sex “x” amount of times for the duration of 1 or 2 weeks. This encourages partners to make a conscious effort. Remember that this doesn’t require full-on date nights. Just get romantic and enjoy each other. Also, do not be afraid to initiate. It is very healthy for the person that almost never initiates to start. It will make your spouse feel desired.

Visit an adult store

If the thought of this makes you blush in embarrassment, there is the option to visit an online adult shop with your spouse. Look around, see what interests you, and possibly place an order. Deliveries are sent in unmarked parcels so no one will know the contents but you. Doing something a little out of the ordinary can add fire and excitement to a marriage. You are not only taking part in something a little risqué together but browsing around the shop may inspire new ideas. That is the great thing about being married. You can go on naughty adventures while maintaining a safe, secure space.

Don’t forget the eye contact

Eye contact greatly improves sexual intimacy. It makes many feel vulnerable and exposed but vulnerability and exposure are not bad. Both actually promote intimacy. That initial urge to look away is natural but making eye contact will connect you and your spouse on a deeply intimate level. It strengthens the emotional connection between partners, boosts confidence and builds trust. Of course, you want to work up to this but try making eye contact during sex. Watching your spouse experience pleasure is arousing. Those uncomfortable with the idea must take things slow. Start with short gazes until you get comfortable and then hold eye contact longer when the time feels right.