Love, Sex and Intimacy – Change the Way You Feel by Changing the Way Think

In love, intimacy and relationships are no different

“The energy flows where focus goes” – Tony Robbins.

When you focus on the negative things your energy just flows in that direction, in fact, our brain is designed to pick on negative, bad, and wrong things the all day long. So, you must redirect your focus on the positive things by intention.

Your brain will have a tendency to direct you to pick on negative things. Because it is part of your brain’s natural protection system, to stay alert and alarmed all-time.

In love, intimacy and relationships are no different

The best way to understand this concept is to be able to acknowledge and be aware of your natural mind reaction. Hypnosis is like a new pair of glasses to give you a chance to see the life from a different perspective that allows you to see your vision more visible, vibrant and much clearer.

Understanding yourself is a very important part of understanding others. In this article, you will learn about yourself and your personality than ever before.

So, buckle yourself seat belt and be ready.

We all know that we inherited stuff from our parents and families, however, what you are about to learn is real and is part of who you are today. Let’s make things simple here, you inherit your suggestibility “the way how you learn from your mother or the mother figure.

There are two different kinds of suggestible people in this world

There are two different kinds of suggestible people in this world

First is emotional and the second is physical. Allow me to simplify things more; your way of learning is either direct (physical) or indirect – infer (emotional).

If you are an emotional suggestible person you will learn by inferring or indirect ways. On the other side physical people are direct learners, therefore the best way to understand the difference between those two kinds of behaviors is to understand what their priority in life is.

Mostly, emotional suggestible are career oriented and their jobs are number one in their lives.

Often, physical suggestible are family-oriented people and love is the number one priority for them. If you think that you are confused by now, wait to get more confusing when you learn that we were talking about your suggestibility only.

Now, is the time to talk about your sexuality “your behavior”

You learn and inherited your sexuality from your father or father figure.

Here is the explanation of that; your father or your father figure gives you the way you behave in this world, so you become either emotional sexual or physical sexual.

Emotional sexual people are more direct, realistic, and over thinkers. However, physical sexual people are more touchable, huggable, compassionate people.

So, you see by now how confusing this theory could be if you want to apply it to yourself for example. Just to make things much easier for you to understand and be able to apply it with your partner, colleagues, boss, or just yourself.

You and I and everyone else are going to be there in between those four different personalities for sure, but how to identify that and be able to point out. Unfortunately, you cannot, but you will learn enough to help you to pick your life partner or to find your soul mate.

People often ask, how come some people just find their partners from the first sights and others cannot, because of the law of attraction; maybe. However, this theory of behavior differences might explain that too.

So, we all know that we get attracted to our opposite, even if we did not like some of their habits we love the rest. Because obviously, they are the opposite of us. Here’s how this theory can be implemented in your daily life.

Ask yourself the following questions

To find out if you are physical or emotional suggestible

If you are a control freak, your job and career is number one priority, if you have fear of losing control, if you are over thinker, very realistic, don’t believe in dreams might come true: congratulations you are an emotional suggestible person.

If you are a huggable, kissable, dreamer, compassionate, love and family is your number one priority, have fear of rejection, believe that everything is possible; Congratulations you are a physical suggestible person.

With that said, there is a big percentage of people that might be in between those two traits. So, do not be panic, or judge yourself so early, because you can learn more about yourself directly with me through this opportunity. I offer a free phone consultation, where you can learn more about yourself and your partner personalities, behavior, and more.


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