Watch Out! Social Media Can Have Grievous Effects on Your Marriage

Social Media Can Have Grievous Effects on Your Marriage

Social media has the potential to repair, improve or break a marriage. Social media is a blessing and it has its benefits. But, it can also be a liability that will ruin your marriage. It depends on how you channel the power of the social media. If you channel it into making something productive in your marriage, definitely, there will be improvements in your married life but if otherwise, it can break up a relationship.

We of course know the impact that social media has on relationships has been a turnaround encounter, especially for marriages. Think of your parent’s or grandparent’s generation, they had probably never even heard the words; “Internet”, “Facebook”, “Instagram”, “Whatsapp”, etc. I am quite sure that they would spend their one on one evening time chatting face to face around a log fire, while couples nowadays may spend their evenings sitting beside their partners and scrolling through their individual news feeds.

There are various ways and techniques social media can help you to meet and connect with people, but at the same time it can cause a serious detachment  from the person closest to you – your spouse. Below are the tips to reduce negative impact caused by social media on marriage:

1. Don’t go on social media after a disagreement or fight

The habit of going on social media after a disagreement is very common in relationships and marriages of today. People have the habit of going to Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites and expressing whatever they have in mind. It is very easy to turn to social media for comfort and distraction when there is a tension or storm in your relationship.

At that tensed moment, you could post some nasty and unpleasant remarks which you will surely regret later. You might even get depressed by all the posts and pictures of the adorable couples out there. You might even be lured to look for a better relationship rather than putting in the effort to work things out with your spouse.

2. Be each other’s best fan/follower

One of the advantages of social media is that it is easy to send a note to each other at any time, make sure you put yourselves out there, and make public shout-outs to each other on social media. Show the world how proud you are to have each other.

3. Avoid critical comparison

There will always be a couple who seems to have a better or worse relationship than you. So instead of evaluating and comparing yourselves to them, rather concentrate on making your marriage the best it can be. And when you read what other couples have shared, don’t see it as a competition for scoring points – just enjoy the content for what it is worth.

4. Don’t always be online

Don’t let social media steal every moment of your relationship. If one (or both) of you is always scrolling through their timeline or news feed, even at dinner time or while in bed, the other partner is going to end up feeling ignored, like they don’t matter. Therefore, learn to have some offline time.

5. Set boundaries regarding social media

It is advisable to set boundaries regarding the use and time spent on social media with your partner so as to increase the growth in a relationship. Your partner might feel comfortable with you talking about them and your love for them openly, or they might want to enjoy privacy and prefer to keep your relationship off social media.

6. Be transparent; Don’t keep secrets

You should be open and don’t keep secrets from your partner. You have to be transparent on social media. Don’t post, like or share anything you would not like your partner to read or view. It’s also a good idea to think twice about who you send a Direct Message (DM) on social media. If you want to decrease the negative impact of social media on your marriage, then you need to be open and transparent with your spouse.

7. Don’t look up your ex

No matter how hot your Ex is, don’t ever try to look or lust after her timeline, it destroys marriages! Most people have the attitude of stalking their ex to see how their lives are; it is bad and should be avoided.

8. Never talk bad about each other in public

No matter what problem you are facing with your spouse; don’t ever air them on social media, no matter how frustrated and annoyed you feel. Taking your relationship issues to social media might make your spouse feel humiliated. Sort whatever it is that’s bugging you both among yourselves not putting them on twitter.

9. Be cautious of what and who you like

Liking and commenting on pictures of handsome men or beautiful women has ruined a lot of relationships and marriages. You should be careful and cautious of what you like especially if it will make your partner jealous or insecure.

10. Limit what you share on social media

Be careful that you do not share things that your spouse or you do not want others to know. Social media can be tempting but it is always best to check first before posting something which includes someone else especially your spouse.