What Do You Consider Cheating Quiz?

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 What Do You Consider Cheating Quiz?

Questions Excerpt

1. Your partner’s social handles and their phone is password protected. How do you feel about it?

A. I’ll have my doubts but it’s fine

B. I don’t mind if they are loyal to me

C. I would feel they are cheating on me

2. Your partner goes out with their ex as they are okay being friends with each other. Does it work for you?

A. Not really

B. Somewhat

C. Yes, I just need assurances

3. Your partner has lots of friends and they party often. What are your thoughts?

A. It is fine for me as long as they are not partying with someone they have a crush on

B. This works as long as they are safe around people

C. I will have my doubts

4. Your partner has shared that they have a crush on someone. What’s your reaction?

A. That’s a red alert

B. It’s okay as long as they don’t get physically involved

C. I would like to understand if they are close friends or just acquaintances

5. Your partner expressed they got intimate with someone at the party. How would you react?

A. I’d be hurt

B. I’d leave them

C. I would try to understand the circumstances

6. If you found out that your partner has exchanged inappropriate photos with others, would you consider that cheating?

A. Yes! My partner shouldn't be talking to someone else

B. As long as it was just sending pictures, I don't believe it's cheating

C. If they did this consistently, I would consider it cheating

7. How would you react if your partner was having an online relationship with someone, but had never met in person?

A. It would be fine with me. If they never even met, then it's not cheating

B. I would be devastated. Carrying on an emotional affair is cheating

C. I would go crazy. My partner should only want me

8. If your partner frequently failed to tell people they were in a relationship, what would you think?

A. I would immediately assume they were cheating and start a fight

B. I wouldn't worry too much about it

C. I would need to find out more information before jumping to conclusions

9. If you snooped through your partner's phone right now, what is the worst thing you imagine finding?

A. The worst thing would be if I found evidence of him having sex with someone else

B. The worst thing would be romantic texts and declarations of love directed toward someone else

C. Liking someone else's photos on social media is incriminating enough for me

10. If you're taking a "break" from your relationship and your significant other went out on dates with other people, do you consider that cheating?

A. It depends on if they kissed or did anything intimate

B. Going on dates is cheating even if we were taking a break

C. No, just going out on dates is fair game

11. If you found out your partner had kissed someone else, is that grounds for a breakup?

A. Not really, it could have been a one-time thing, and that is forgivable

B. I would break up with my partner immediately

C. It would be a serious discussion. Any physical contact is off-limits

12. How many times would you allow someone to break your trust before walking away from the relationship?

A. Never. My partner should never even think of betraying me

B. I would keep forgiving them unless I knew they were having a long-term emotional affair

C. I would give them a few chances unless they were sleeping with someone else

13. Is communicating with an ex or former lover considered cheating?

A. If they're just talking, I see no problem with it

B. Yes! There is no excuse to talk to an ex

C. Very likely because they already established an emotional connection

14. Is watching adult movies considered cheating?

A. Yes! My partner shouldn't have intimate thoughts about anyone else

B. It's fine, I believe that it's just part of a fantasy and nothing more

C. No, as long as my partner isn't emotionally invested in these fantasies

15. You discover that your partner has an active profile on a dating app- what are your thoughts?

A. I believe that my partner is using it to find sexual affairs

B. I believe that my partner is using it to talk to people and have emotional affairs

C. It doesn't matter what it's being used for. Dating apps aren't for people in relationships

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