Identify 5 Signs of Emotional Intimacy and Why You Must Build It for Relationship Happiness

 Identify 5 Signs of Emotional Intimacy and Why You Must Build It for Relationship Happiness

Intimacy is not something only physical but also emotional and holds equal importance in a relationship. Lack of emotional intimacy will lead to your relationship falling apart in no time. If you have a huge gap between yourselves that makes the two of you apart, there will be no use of any interactions, and during the process, you may find ways to avoid each other.

To help your relationship grow you have to become emotionally vulnerable with each other. If you can share your deepest and darkest secrets with each other, then it is a sign of a happy and a healthy relationship and shows that you share a strong bond that is going to last irrespective of all the obstacles that may come in future.

Following are a few signs of emotional intimacy-

1. You are extremely comfortable with them

In an emotionally intimate relationship, you get so comfortable with each other that you can openly have a conversation about what is going on in your heart and let them evaluate your feelings. You may avoid having a conversation like this most of the times because you are so involved in other things, but it is always important for you to discuss these feelings with each other to avoid getting distant. This way you will be more aware of each other and will always be there for them when needed.

2. You can trust them fully for anything and everything

Everyone in this world has their share of secrets which they have kept only for themselves. You might never have been able to share your secrets with anybody with the fear of being judged. But when you have emotional intimacy in your relationship, you tend to let your guards down and be open with your partner. You will be able to share anything and everything with them without any fear. They will be the only people who will know you so deeply.

3. You can depend on them

When your relationship has emotional intimacy, you can depend on each other. Dependency is a thing that should come naturally to a relationship. When you are going through a rough phase you may want someone to lean on, someone you can turn to in order to comfort yourself. It will showcase the level of emotional intimacy in your relationship. When you share a deep emotional bond, you will be able to understand each other better. You will be aware of the moods of your partner and will learn to handle them accordingly, be their support through any rough phase of life.

You will be aware of the moods of your partner and will learn to handle them accordingly

4. There is acceptability in your relationship

When you have an emotionally intimate relationship, you start to accept your partner as the person he/she is and wouldn’t want them to change. Acceptability is a very important aspect of a relationship to make sure that you both are extremely comfortable with each other.

You finally realize that no one is perfect and you start loving and respecting their imperfections. You would never even think of changing something about them. You may sometimes find faults in each other, but the faults will never be big enough to weaken your relationship. The way you accept your partner both at their best or worst will showcase your level of emotional intimacy in the relationship.

5. You will start to confide in each other

Your partner will be the first person you break the most important or exciting news to, because you know they will be the happiest in your happiness and will care for you in your sadness. You no longer will be two different people you used to be but will share the same emotional bond. You will understand that your partner is a different individual that may not understand your work or relate to it and both of you will understand that. You will be aware of each other’s achievements, hard work, and determination and will respect your individuality.  

You will start to confide in each other

Final take away
If you are able to identify the emotional intimacy in your relationship by the five signs of emotional intimacy discussed above, then your relationship has a great phase. It has everything that is required to have a healthy relationship that includes love, unbreakable trust, huge respect and a great deal of passion.