Marriage Counseling Costs – Is It Worth It?

Marriage counseling costs

When it comes to marriage counselling, the general perception is that costs are notoriously high. This may be true to some extent, but when you really think about it, the investment you make in getting help for your marriage will certainly outweigh the exorbitant cost involved in going for a divorce. So if you are pondering the cost of marriage counselling and wondering whether it is worth it for you, ask yourself these few questions:

Is my marriage worth saving?

Before you go for counselling, you need to be fully convinced in your own mind that your marriage is worth saving. If you are already involved with someone else, or if you have already endured years of abuse, and if you have already tried counselling to no avail, then perhaps you should take another route.

Am I prepared to put in the work required?

Once you have answered the first question in the affirmative, the next step is to ask yourself honestly whether you are willing to put in the hard personal work which counselling inevitably entails. It will no doubt be a long, slow road to recovery. If you are prepared for this, then it’s time to consider your options as you look into marriage counselling costs.

What are my options?

Make a thorough search of the options available in your area. This can be done via the internet, in your local telephone directory, or by asking around for recommendations. Marriage counselling costs often depend on the qualifications of the therapist and can range anywhere from $50 to $200 per one hour session. Some counselors and therapists offer a sliding scale which means that charges are based according to your income and the size of your family. When you are calculating the cost of couples counselling, bear in mind that you would usually need an average of 12 to 16 sessions spread out over 3 or 4 months. Initially sessions would probably be weekly, then fortnightly and then monthly.


Going for marriage counselling can be a much needed life raft to save a drowning marriage, and for those who have been saved, it has certainly proved to be worth the cost and effort involved.