Why Are You An Anti Valentines Day Person?

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8 Questions | Total Attempts: 119 | Updated: Feb 24, 2022
Why Are You An Anti Valentines Day Person?
Valentine’s Day is a very exciting day for lovers! But are you one of those who hates this day? If you think you are, take this quiz to find out what’s the reason why you are such an anti-Valentine’s Day person.

Questions Excerpt

1. Have you experienced a heartbreak?

A. Yeah and it was the most awful feeling.

B. I am still in a relationship.

C. Almost but we fixed it.

D. I never been in-love.

2. What is your activity during Valentine’s day?

A. Eating pizza.

B. Oh nothing because outside would be full of stupid lovers.

C. A date with friends.

D. Each year is a different plan.

3. What do you think is the best color for love?

A. I think red like the blood of our hearts.

B. White because it symbolizes pure love and intention.

C. All the rainbow colors because love is colorful.

D. Black because I don't have a love life.

4. Would you sacrifice yourself for your lover?

A. No way!

B. Of course, if I need to.

C. Always depends why.

D. One reason why I hate love because of sacrifices.

5. Do you think you are a good partner?

A. I can't even cook my own meal.

B. I think I am the best.

C. Maybe yes and maybe no.

D. Partner in crime.

6. Have you decorated during Valentine’s day?

A. Inside my room? Cannot be.

B. Yeah. Everything's heart and Cupid.

C. I guess once during my first date.

D. Nope.

7. Will you fight for your love?

A. I am not a soldier.

B. I will until my last breath.

C. If my lover truly loves me, then why not?

D. Well, if lover deserves it.

8. What do you think is the importance of Valentine’s Day?

A. Full of romantic dates.

B. Just nonsense. People are really into dramas.

C. It's not just for lovers, but family and friends as well to show love.

D. We don't celebrate that kind of event.

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