Which Type Of Favors Should You Give Out At Your Wedding Quiz?

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10 Questions | Updated: Mar 29, 2023
 Which Type Of Favors Should You Give Out At Your Wedding Quiz?

Have you considered what favors you would like to give out on your big day? Not sure if your wedding favors will make the occasion and festivities memorable for you and everyone? Take our quiz to find out which type of favors should you give out at your wedding as per your taste and preferences.

Questions Excerpt

1. What color should you use for your wedding favors?

A. Black or white

B. Green or red

C. Purple or pink

2. What should your wedding favors packaging be made from?

A. Paperboard boxes

B. Plastic boxes with lids that can be opened and closed easily by anyone, even if they have arthritis or mobility issues

C. Inexpensive plastic or paper bags with handles that can be used for other things after the wedding ceremony is over

3. Do you want to go with a theme for your favors, or do you just want to pick random things that are popular now?

A. Both work for me

B. Random things that are popular

C. A theme for my favors

4. Are you going to marry in a church, or do you want to have a beach wedding?

A. A church

B. A beach wedding

C. Some other destination

5. How many people are going to attend the reception?

A. Over 150

B. 50-150

C. 50 people or under

6. How many favors should you order per guest?

A. 1

B. 3

C. 5

7. What is the most popular candy for weddings?

A. Snickers

B. Hershey's kisses

C. Candy corn

8. Which one do you want to include in your wedding decor?

A. A miniature replica of your home with a mini-sculpture of yourself on top of it

B. A set of coasters made from the same material as your dress/suit

C. A small selection of high-quality chocolates in a custom box designed by local artists

9. How much should you spend on a wedding favor?

A. Not much—I can't afford it

B. As much as possible, because these people are your peers and acquaintances

C. I haven't decided yet

10. What kind of favors does your partner want to give out?

A. A favor that the guests can use

B. A favor that the guests can eat

C. A favor that the guests can keep

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