When Will I Fall In Love Quiz?

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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 3644 | Updated: Sep 01, 2023
 When Will I Fall in Love Quiz?

Love is a beautiful feeling, and most people want to experience the love that we see in the movies with a romantic partner. However, waiting for love can be difficult.

Are you getting impatient and waiting for "The One?" Are you ready for love? Well, don’t worry! Take the “When Will I Fall in Love Quiz” to put your mind at ease and let you know when you will fall in love. Sometimes, love might take a while to come around, but it will always be worth it!

Questions Excerpt

1. Are you currently in a relationship?

A. Yes

B. I'm dating someone, but it's not exclusive

C. I have a crush but nothing more

2. How romantic are you?

A. Very romantic

B. Not very romantic

C. Not romantic at all

3. How many friends do you have?

A. More than 10

B. A few close friends

C. 1-5

4. How many relationships have you been in?

A. More than two

B. Two

C. One

5. Do you think you are ready for a serious relationship?

A. Yes, definitely!

B. Yes, I think so

C. No, not right now

6. How high are your expectations of finding love?

A. Very low

B. Quite low

C. Pretty high

7. Do you believe in true love?

A. Yes, definitely

B. Yes, I think so

C. No, not really

8. What are you most focused on right now?

A. Finding love

B. Myself

C. My career/education/family

9. Do you think you are emotionally stable at this point in your life?

A. Yes

B. Kind of, I am getting there

C. No, I have unresolved issues

10. Do you think you deserve unconditional love?

A. Yes

B. Yes, but I have to improve myself

C. No

11. Do you think you can love someone unconditionally?

A. Yes

B. I can love someone, but it might come with some conditions

C. No, I am my priority

12. Do you enjoy spending time alone?

A. Yes, I sometimes need space from everyone around me

B. Yes, but I am scared of being lonely sometimes

C. No, I do not enjoy my own company

13. Do you not like your life when you are not in a relationship?

A. No, I still have a lot to love about my life

B. No, but having a relationship seems important

C. Yes, my life is miserable without a significant other

14. Are you afraid of rejection?

A. No, I know my worth

B. Kind of, I do not want to be heartbroken

C. I am terrified of rejection

15. Do you think some people do not deserve you?

A. Yes, some people can be toxic

B. Yes, but I have a hard time identifying who is suitable for me

C. I would settle for anyone

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