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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 94 | Updated: Feb 24, 2022
 How Easily Do You Fall in Love Quiz?
How Easily Do You Fall In Love?’ You probably must have noticed how easily or late it takes to get into one if you think about how you and your friends dive into relationships. Some people approach relationships with different mindsets and attitudes. Some are reserved about it, others too are open about it, which is all dependent on the individual. Falling in love happens quickly and relatively easily for some people.

Questions Excerpt

1. How many people have you professed love to in your life?

A. About ten or more

B. Between one to two

C. I have never 

2. Have you ever professed love to someone you have known less than a week?

A. Yes, more than

B. Yes, I once did

C. No that would be pathetic

3. What is your crush count this  year?

A. About ten

B. About two

C. Haven't had any

4. What’s your thought on single people who are over 30?

A. They are pathetic and sad that they never found love

B.  I believe in time and I will find my partner soon

C. They are smart to have kept their freedom

5. Someone gives you their number at a party, what do you do?

A. I text them as soon as possible

B. I text them a day or two after

C. I am unbothered about texting them

6. How much do you crave for your love when you are not with them?

A. All the time 

B. Sometimes

C. Never

7. How do you feel at first when you really love someone?

A. I become obsessed and overly excited

B. I feel a bit nervous but I don’t think about it much

C. I feel fine and normal

8. How many times have you been married or engaged?

A. About three

B. I have engaged twice

C. I haven't been engaged before

9. You have an interesting but poor romantic interest, are you bothered about that?

A. I care less about that

B. That is not a good sign 

C. It is just a phase

10. Someone gifts you an expensive item, what’s your reaction?

A. Yes, it is love

B. That person must be a stalker

C. That's probably a mistake

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