What You Like More in the Bedroom

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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 38
What You Like More in the Bedroom
We all have different preferences, right? It’s what makes our lives so rich - that we all have different opinions, tastes, and interests. It is the same when it comes to the bedroom. Each of us is fulfilled with unique personality traits, hobbies, and even romantic interests. We all have different needs we desire from sex. This ''What You Like More in The Bedroom'' quiz will help you determine yours!

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you usually prefer the bed to have sex?

A. Yes, it’s the comfy and traditional way for me.

B. If there are other options, I can consider!

C. Depends on if handcuffs or whips are involved.

2. What would your response be if your partner wants to videotape you having sex?

A. Love this idea!

B. What? No!

C. Okay, I can get used to it

3. What would your response be if your partner wants to watch you masturbate?

A. I'd rather be the one watching

B. Awesome!

C. No!

4. What would your response be if your partner suggested a threesome?

A. I Might try it

B. Not my thing

C. No way!

5. Lights off with candles during sex sounds...

A. perfect, as long as I can see my partner's face!

B. pretty cool

C. cheesy

6. Do you prefer lingerie and sexy outfits?

A. Yes, all the time!

B. It’s not my thing

C. It will be off right away

7. Having sex in a car sounds…

A. Great

B. Possible

C. Not comfy

8. How do you feel about listening to music while having sex?

A. Great way to do a striptease with

B. Who really cares

C. Not a necessity but sometimes sets the mood really good

9. Blindfold during sex sounds...

A. exciting!

B. meh, not my thing.

C. interesting!

10. Where is the best place for having sex?

A. In the bedroom, and maybe the bathroom

B. Anywhere in the house!

C. Maybe a pool or hot tub!

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