What Do You Like In Bed Quiz

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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 1382 | Updated: Feb 24, 2022
What Do You Like in Bed Quiz
Do you ever wonder what you do in the bedroom and how your partner perceives you? You could be drawn to be the certain way or be confused what do you generally prefer. However, one is free to be themselves when it comes to sex. rnTake this 'What do you like in bed' quiz to find out whether you're a lady/gentleman or a freak. Have fun with the quiz!

Questions Excerpt

1. What do you think about having sex in bed?

A. If we're already in the bedroom, that's OK

B. It is traditional and the way I prefer

C. It's acceptable. If handcuffs or whips are used

2. Do you enjoy listening to music while having sex?

A. It's a great way to get people in the mood

B. It's fine, I'm not going to pay attention

C. Great! I could make a striptease out of it

3. What do you think about turning off the lights and using some candles during sex?

A. What a perfect idea!

B. Would be good, maybe we could make use of the hot wax

C. Sure, why not

4. What would you do if your partner proposed a new idea?

A. As long as it's not too crazy, go with it

B. As long as I'm in charge, they can do whatever they want

C. Go with it, as long as there is enough room to move around

5. What will you do if your partner suggests a threesome?

A. That would be the last thing they could suggest to me

B. Might try it

C. What a perfect idea

6. You want to catch your partner off guard when they get home. What are your plans?

A. Purchase some new toys

B. Lay across the bed in something naughty... or nothing at all

C. Set the mood by scattering rose petals on the bed

7. Would you ever have sex in the backseat of a car?

A. Yeah!

B. Sure… I do not see why not

C. No way, it'd be too crammed

8. What color should the walls of the bedroom be?

A. Black!

B. White or any light color

C. Red or purple!

9. What are your thoughts on lingerie and sexy outfits?

A. Not necessary

B. My things!

C. I prefer being completely naked!

10. Lastly, what are your thoughts on S&M?

A. Not my thing

B. The only way!

C. I’m up for it!

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