Quiz: What Is Your Kissing Style?

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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 96 | Updated: Feb 08, 2024
Quiz: What Is Your Kissing Style?

There's always a reason for an action. Everyone has intent or motive behind every move they make. Some actions connote love, other hatred, while others signify kindness, friendship, loyalty. We need to do well, not just accept people's actions by just the actions or words that we see or hear from them. We must decode the motives that engineer these actions. rnA kiss, for instance, is a symbol of love. However, the various kissing styles carry different meanings and communicate varying emotions, especially between lovers. Do you think your partner understands your kissing style and what you're trying to communicate? Do you know what your kissing style is? Take this, what is your kissing style quiz to learn about your kissing style.

Questions Excerpt

1. What is your favorite color?

A. Red

B. Blue

C. White

2. Which would you prefer?

A. Corona extra

B. Carlsberg

C. Heineken

3. What is your favorite actor?

A. Eugenio Derbez

B. Pio Marmai

C. Denzel Washington

4. Which is your topmost vacation destination?

A. Puerto- Vallarta

B. Paris

C. New York City

5. In terms of food, what does a kiss signify to you?

A. Tacos

B. Pasta

C. Mac and Cheese

6. Which part of the recipient body is the kiss targeted?

A. Cheek

B. Tongue

C. Lips

7. Which sporting activity do you like best?

A. Football

B. Rugby

C. American Football

8. What is your favorite pizza topping?

A. Cheese

B. Tomatoes

C. Pineapple

9. Do you practice public displays of affection?

A. To some extent

B. Always

C. Sometimes

10. Aside from kissing, which other means do you express your love and affection?

A. Putting my hands across my partner's neck

B. A tight hug

C. Leaning against my partner

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