What is Valentines?

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 11
What is Valentines?
Valentines day is almost here. This day is about caring and sharing for those who love one another. But do you know everything about this day? Take this quiz and find out.

Questions Excerpt

1. Which of these is best representation of Valentines day?

A. Doves and Love birds

B. Ribbons, Laces and Frills

C. Hearts and Roses

D. Cupid

2. What do you know about Valentines?

A. It's the day that we celebrate LOVE

B. It's the day that man should give chocolates,cards and roses to women

C. It's dated February 14

D. It's color is Red, that's why most people wear red in Valentines

3. Do you know the history of Valentines?

A. Yes, I do, I am a bookworm.

B. Its all about Cupid, isn't it?

C. May I guess? Maybe it's the day when the first couple fell in love.

D. No. I don't know anything at all besides celebrating it.

4.  What color of rose will you pick for Valentine?

A. Red, for love and beauty

B. Pink, for appreciation and grace

C. White, for purity and innocence

D. Lavander, for love at first sight and enchantment

5. What kind of food will you cook or buy for Valentine?

A. Heart shaped Cookies

B. Strawberry Cake

C. My partner's favorite and my favorite food, designed in heart

D. Heart shaped chocolates are the best!

6. What is the best gift idea you will consider to give to your partner on Valentines?

A. A photo album that shows our picture since the start of our relationship

B. A suprise candle light dinner

C. Every color of roses

D. Couple of shirts, watch and ring

7. Which of these places is the best to have a date on Valentines?

A. A unforgettable trip on a cruise

B. A date in 5 star hotel

C. A date near church

D. A vacation trip to other country

8. Which of this do you think will be the most unforgettable gift that you want to or give to your partner? (we are talking about expensive things).

A. Our own house and lot, to start our life.

B. Brand new car, She/he will love it for sure!

C. Marriage proposal, I know she/he's waiting for it.

D. Babies! she/he really want us to have our own family.

9.  What word best describes Valentines?

A. Love

B. Forever

C. Romantic

D. Wonderful

10. We do have our motto, and i want to know what is your motto about love?

A. Love is blind

B. Love is like a river that flows forever

C. Love is like a rosary full of mystery

D. Love is sacrifice

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