What Do Guys First Notice About You Quiz

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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 332
What Do Guys First Notice About You Quiz
Do you often wonder what guys think about you? What makes them like you? Do you think they like you for your personality, interests, how outgoing or confident you are? rnMaybe it’s just because of your looks. We all want a guy who likes us for our personality, but do they even know us? Find out with this ‘What do guys first notice about you’ quiz. This quiz will help you learn a little more about guys and their thoughts. Through an easy 10 question quiz, you’ll find out if the things that make them like you also make them love you!

Questions Excerpt

1. Let's say you can only use one product to prepare. Which would that be?

A. Lipstick

B. Foundation 

C. Perfume

2.  If we want to describe you, which adjective should we choose?

A. “Pretty” of course

B. “Funny” could be fit!

C. Let’s say “clean”!

3. You've been invited on a date by someone you like. What do you do?

A. I make sure I wear a sexy outfit and that he will never forget

B. I say yes and spend all day trying to get my makeup perfect

C. I make sure I look and smell perfect

4. Pick a place you would want to go on your first date!

A. An awesome club!

B. A cooking class

C. My house

5. When you go on a date, what type of clothing do you prefer wearing?

A. Something short and sexy

B. A cute outfit and smile

C. Anything that will match my eye makeup

6. What do you want to be in the future?

A. Successful

B. Content

C. Loved

7. People often stereotype you as ________.

A. A nerd

B. A class clown

C. The hotty of the group

8. What do you usually carry with you?

A. My makeup

B. My signature perfume

C. Nothing

9. What is your favorite thing about yourself?

A. My sense of style

B. My smile

C. My taste in perfume

10. How do you make someone notice you?

A. I smile at them

B. I wear sexy clothes

C. I wear my best perfume

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